Like a Monkey on Drugged Bananas

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"Muuuum!" A high pitched sqeal sounded. Even though she wasn't in the house yet, the silence was shattered.
I groaned. That was my little sister, Melissa. She was wayy too peppy for a 12 year old. And annoying too.
Unwillingly, I dragged my feet to the door and opened the door.
"Hey Skyy!" She squealed in a high sing song voice.
I groaned internally.
"Hey" I muttered.
"Sky!" Selene attacked me as soon as I set foot into the school premises.
"Wowww there, What's got you in such a happy mood?"I asked pretending to be annoyed.
"What makes you think I'm happy?"
"Well you ambushed me and almost sent me falling. What are you on?" I asked, eyeing her suspiciously.
She slapped my arm. "I'm excited because I've got lots to tell youu!"
"First of all, Calm down. You're starting to creep me out."
"Okay," she took a deep breath in. "I'm goood!"
"Second of all, where's Bane?"
By Bane, I meant Danielle, of couse. I had a tendency to call her by her surname.
"She's not here yet."
I nodded. Sel was in her normal state. "Okay." I said slowly. "What did you need to tell me?"
"I'm not telling you anything yet, until Danielle comes." She squealed again, jumping up and down.
"Seriously, What are you on? You're like a monkey on drugged bananas!"
I rubbed my arm as she punched it again.

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