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I woke up with Nash next to me only in pants. I was only in a pants also. I got up and took a shower. I can't remember anything. I put on shorts and a sweatshirt. I've been wearing a lot of sweatshirts. I put my hair up but left some down. When I walked back in the too Nash was half awake. I lay next to him and played with his hair. He groaned. He looks cute when he's sleeping. "Hi." He said. I smiled. "Hi." I said moving my hand to his lips. He opened his eyes a little but closed them. "What are you doing to me?" He said laughing a little. I shrugged. I pressed my lips into his. He kissed back and grabbed my waist. I pulled away. He opened his eyes. He looked at me. "Your beautiful." He said. I smiled but then blushed a little. His hand brushed my leg which made me shiver. He smirked and gave me a kiss. Then I remember we have to catch a plane. I pulled away from what was beginning to be a makeout. "Omg Nash come on." I said. He groaned. "Nash." I said. He moved closer to me and groaned. I looked at him. He laid on top of me and groaned. "Come on!" I said pushing him off and grabbing him. He stood up and took a shower. "Its cold now." I said. He smirked at me. "Want to come with?" He said. "Go take a shower Grier." I said. He laughed. I went and got Aaliyah ready. I put on skinny jeans and a flowy tank top with a cardigan along with my white converse. Nash came out and changed. We grabbed our stuff said bye and left.

While we were driving to the airport Aaliyah was squirming like crazy. "Are you okay?" Cam said looking at her from the review mirror. She nodded. I watched her for a couple of minutes, and she kept squirming around. "Aaliyah, what are you doing." I said. She looked at me. "I'm excited, nervous, happy, sad , and I have to go potty." She said. I just smiled and nodded awkwardly. Cam was driving with Nash next to him and Aaliyah and I in the back. Aaliyah was playing on my Ipad while I was on my phone. I was playing Trivia Crack when I got a text from the guys.

Matt: Magcon in California.

We were going to the airport. "Okay um, we might as well go to the airport just to meet with the others." I said. "What?" Cam said. "The first event is here." I said. He stopped the car. "Really." He said. I nodded laughing a little. Cam groaned super loud and turned the car around to the way of the hotel. Nash was smiling at the fact that we had came out there for nothing.

We arrived at the hotel. We were the first ones there so I took Aaliyah to the bathroom. As I waited I kept seeing this guy staring me down. I just looked in the other direction. Aaliyah came out and I grabbed her hand and walked away. The guy whistled. I looked at him, laughed and walked away. "Hey, why don't you come over here." He called out. I kept walking. "Hey!" He yelled. I turned to look at him. He looked at me and motioned for me to come. I gestured no with my finger and walked away. He walked behind me basically following me. Nash was I the lobby. Aaliyah ran to him. "Nash Nash that guy is following Maya and yelling at her." She said tugging on his shirt. Nash shot his head up to me. I nodded. He looked at the guy who was leaning up against the wall looking at me. Then all the guys walked in. Carter came first so I ran up to him and hugged him. "Dang, girl, missed you too." He said laughing and hugging me back. I pulled Nash over to them. He did that hug that guys do to everyone and when I went to grab Aaliyah someone grabbed me. I turned to see the guy. "When I say come here, I mean it." He said. I kneed him in the stomach which made him fall and wince in pain. I walked back over to the guys. "Lets go." I said. Nash looked at me then at the guy around the corner on the floor. He looked at me then smirked. I shrugged with an innocent smile and grabbed his hand. We all walked upstairs. Aaliyah was right by my side.

When we all got our rooms and were settled we all decided to catch up and just hang in Cam and Nash's room. "So Maya who's your little friend?" Shawn said smiling at her. She did a shy wave and smiled. "Everyone this is my little sister Aaliyah." I said. Everyone nodded and said hi. "So we all know that I am her favorite now." Matt said. I laughed. "Actually Cameron is her favorite." I said giggling. "Only because I wasn't there!" He said throwing his hands up. We all laughed. "But I know I'm your favorite, right Maya?" Carter said reaching for a dist bump. I laughed and nodded while fist bumbing him back. "So what are we doing today?" I asked looking at Carter still. "Pool?" He said. We all nodded. I took Aaliyah in my room where we both changed into our swimsuits and coverups. When we were done we went back and waited for everyone. I heard laughing and talking knowing that it was them. We all walked down to the pool just laughing and...still laughing. Haha.

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