Chapter 9- Classes Begin

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Percy's POV

"PERCY!!!!" Screamed someone into my ear.

"WAAH-!" I said as I fell face-down on the floor.

"What was that for?!" I yelled at whoever woke me up from my somewhat-peaceful sleep.

"Come on! We're going to be late!" Jason said as he hurriedly ran his hands through his hair in a failed attempt to make it presentable.

"Oh shit!" I cursed as I bolted off the floor. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth quickly. I grabbed a random shirt. It smelled okay, not too bad. I deemed it class worthy and switched it out with the one I was wearing. I slipped off my shorts and threw on some jeans.

I grabbed my bag just as everyone finished getting ready. We all ran out and rushed into the elevator.

Leo pressed the button that had a "G" on it. Probably for "Ground" floor. Probably. Maybe. I might be wrong though.

The door "dinged" and we all ran out. The lounge was empty except for some guy getting coffee and the student worker there. Some people didn't have their classes start until later.

The cold air hit me like a frieght train. I came to a staggered stop as all of my friends rushed to their classes. I hadn't had a chance to look at my schedule yet, so I pulled it out and started walking.

Perseus Jackson: Grade 10, 2015-2016
Locker: 171 Top
Homeroom: Dudley, World History II; Room 28
2nd: Dobbs, Math; Room 84
3rd: Desia, Science; Room 25
Break- 10 minutes
4th: Blofis, English and Literature; Room 58
5th: West, Marine Biology (elective); Room 36
Lunch- 45 minutes
6th: Free Period
7th: Hedge, Boys Physical Education; Gym

"Okay so first, Dudley at room 28..." I thought out loud. "Where's room 28?" I looked ahead of me and saw a teacher standing next to a classroom. Maybe he could help me.

I looked around for a second, standing casually, before I made a B-line for the teacher. Once we were in earshot of each other, I asked him, "Um excuse me? I'm looking for Mr. Dudley's class? Can you tell me where that is please?"

"ENTER MY DOMAIN!" He said in a booming voice. I looked at the badge hanging from his shirt pocket. I made out the word Dudley with his picture above it. I smiled slightly as I entered the classroom. I was liking this class already.


"Dude, he was awesome! He like made jokes and he let's us like talk during class and stuff. He's like super funny and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually might like World History this year."

I chuckled silently as the I listened to a guy ramble on about who I was pretty sure was Mr. Dudley. Apparently, this was his first year here. He wasn't a demigod though, he was mortal. But because he swore an oath and he could see through the mist, they let him teach here... with double pay of course. I don't know who runs the school, but I'm pretty sure it's some god or goddess.

"Yo Perce!" Jason waved me over to our table.

"Hey guys what's up?" I asked casually. Although my mind was racing a million miles a minute as I searched for a certain blond that was scheduled to come out of history any second. As soon as I saw the blond hair and tan skin, I immediately said, "Hey Will! How was history?"

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