I was home but i wasnt meant to be. I was meant to be at work but i didnt want to be. I was sat on the sofa watching Adventure Time. Then my phone went of i quickly muted the T.V in case it was my boss. Even though he wasnt much of a boss he still likes to call himself one. I read the name it said ''idiot/''BOSS'' it was my boss. I answerd it in a voice that was meant to sound like was i ill but it sounded like a frog trying to sing. He knew i was faking so i had to go to work.

About an hour later i arrived at work i had my hair up in a pony tail an my boring HotTopic uniform on because i was late i had to close the shop on my own. There was  stacks of customers when all the other staff was here but when it was just there there was nobody. Because there was nobody coming i sat on the chair with my legs on the table and played on my phone. 

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