The court case went on in a simmilar fashon for so long, I didn't find any of it amusing any more. Seriously, I wanted to just flat out ask for a death sentence. Of course, the game of survival was to ingrained in my mind for that blissful reallity to come about. 

        As it turns out, the judge can read, the fact of this made obvious when he reads aloud the newspaper from the adventure that landed me here in the first place. 

        " Shadowy Wraith Haunting Streets, Are The Children Safe? The disapearence of many street- lurking pesants thought to be the work of the strange shadow seen flying from the royal palace just an hour after the royal garden was discovered to have deep claw marks and a larg ammount of scattered, unidentified feathers throughout the area..." I stopped listening when the report got to this point ,knowing that 1: I had allready read the paper myself the day before I got arested, and that 2: the rest of the account was un-true ,and mostly based on the theory of witchcraft.

        By the time the judge was finished, I knew many things about the people in the room, including that the guard by the far left window was un loyal to the royal court, and more than half of the nobles in the room where cheeting on their spouses. What a dull day, to make me wish for the inevitable. 

        I was just thinking of ways to speed things along ,when something through one of the windows caught my eyes. It was only there for a second, but the familiar sight was instantly recognizable. 

        I had to stall... lucky that was just my tallent.

        " Sir."  I said, the polite tone instantly recognizable to any in the room as the formality used when nobles where ready to back stab on another, and knew they had a way to get away with it.

         "Shouldn't my case have gone to the higher ups un in the inquisitor's tower?" I blink a few times, making me appear suddenly hit with the thought, and ,slower than any human had a right to be, make my eyes slightly bigger ,and my form more noticable. 

        Of course, it worked on every watching man, and I appeared innocent and single once again. I inwordly gagged, but knew that this was the only sure-fire way to get this done slowly.  

        "Well now, my dear, the inquisitor is quite busy.." I could practicaly feel lhis mind working through the normal thought process. "hmm... Well, the inquisitor would be the one to deal with such a ... case."  Of course, the inquisitor was known to treasure any chance to deal with the more dangerous 'beauties' in the court room, not only raising my chances of survivall, legaly that is, but allowing me to be in the highest floor of the legal tower. And, if what I expected to happen did happen, I would rather be as far from the ground as possible. 

        The judge nods sllowly " Yes... yes, the inquisitor should be the one to have delt with this case... Correct?" the question went to the guard by the window. 

       As the unloyal traitor he was ,the guard instantly agreed, being the only one in the room to see through me. 

        " Its settled, she is to be the inquisitor's case now." he shuffles his papers, but cannot formaly end the case until he has found the malet he threw in frustration earlyer in the day.


         Now I just have to find a way to get through a day under the questioning of the high inquisitor, a man loyal to the crown, and known for filling the royal cells with the most experienced of us.

        I only have to survive until night fall, then my freedom would be in the hands of my two oldest friends.

        Not that i would ever admit that aloud.


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