hey you guyssssss! I don't know if I should continue this. I might, I might not. I have this huge writers block right now. So I  need ideas. Finally, I'ma be on hiatus. (Is that how you spell it?)

Cronus: Question babe, When will I be in the story? *Leans on SoulTheKiller*

Me: Whenever I add you. Also.. *Takes off Mask*

Kankri: I'M REALLY KANKRI! Als9 Cr9nus that was very triggering when y9u were leaning 9n me...

SoulTheKiller: *walks in* 2up 2uck3r2. H0w 12 3v3ry0n3?

Kankri: *starts lecture*

SoulTheKiller: Y3@h 1m 0ut 0f h3r3... *Walks away*

Eridan: So.. Noww thats ovver. My little sister wwanted to say wwas talk to you landdwwellers and seadwwellers later. Buh bye!

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