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"Jack! Where are we? What's going on?" I ask, my voice projecting off the walls. He stood on one of the balcony levels above me, leaning against the side rail. He simply shrugged, looking to a dead spot in the wall.

"Don't you see it?"

"See what?" I retorted, finding no interest in the wall he was staring at. His brown eyes looking at it curiously.

"It's a bright light... I'm thinking this is somewhere they put you in between."

"In between?" I pondered, pacing back and fourth as my heart accelerated faster. Everything around me became fuzzy, even Jack who was screaming my name and running towards me. I had no ability to walk or run from my legs. All of the sudden, I heard voices beckoning from above me, saying calm words.

My head ached, and I wanted to cry. I felt like he was right there, looking at me... although he was dead. Tears lined my eyes, threatening to fall out as I heard Jack's voice again through my head. I repeated what he had said over and over, trying to make sense of it all.

"Hey sleepy-- Naw, what's wrong?" Shawn spoke. He had just entered the room with a clipboard in his hands. My head shook violently, wanting to go back to before any of this happened. I didn't want to have this condition, and I didn't want Jack to die. It was none of his fault.

Do I have to be here?

"What's wrong?" he urged, as I heard the light clink from the clipboard being put in the bin in front of the bed. I sunk deeper and deeper into the pillow, wanting to wake up from a really bad dream.

"I- I wanna go h-home!" I stammered, tears pouring down my face. My whole body felt in complete shock, shivering and queasy. He sighed heavily, his arms snaking around my torso. He head a tight grip on me, helping my weak body sit foreword on the bed.

"No you don't, sweetheart." his voice almost demanded, and his brown eyes turning more into black devil eyes. His whole attitude switched into one that I could barely even recognize myself. He got up and went over to the other side of the bed, laying down next to me.

"We've already started treatment, and I can't be buddy-buddy through all of this with you, Lena. You have to take care of yourself well enough for me to let me help you. I'm your doctor, not your best friend. I admit it, I have feelings for you... but that's not going to change anything." he growled, and soon all he just did turned back into his normal self, calling me "sweetie", and his attention span also become more normal.

"I- I... I'm trying, I really am." I furrowed my eyebrows, bringing my knees to my chest. My shaking hand kept biting at a hangnail on my thumb, that's been pestering me for the past week and a half. His eyes turned into their chestnut brown color and he sighed, probably thinking about having another chocolate muffin.

"No- no you're not. We're going to therapy tomorrow, at noon. There's a therapist nearby. I'm packing lunch and taking half the day off to try and help you."

With that, he left, and put the stethoscope that was sitting on the nightstand securely back around his neck. He left the room, without a chance for me to turn down such a tremendous offer. My teeth rattled, thinking over the situation. A couple hours of fresh air won't be that bad.


Around eight o'clock that night, Shawn allowed me to explore more of the hospital. When he came into my room, he apologized for earlier and told me the game plan for the next day. I couldn't find words to say how grateful I was for his actions upon it. He replied with a gentle "I know", and a kiss on my cheek.

I now spotted him chatting with one of the nurses at the front desk as it appeared that she was leaving. Her shift must've been over. He kept thanking her and she insisted that it was alright. I knew it was Nurse Jackson just from the looks of her, there wasn't even a need to look at her name tag. Eye shadow on point.

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