The Conflict

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I woke up. Omg,  so much happened yesterday.  During that kiss,  Misaki  screamed,  "Omg! " and, took a picture so now it is all over social media.  Kiyomi lightly clapped and said.  "Yay.. " Himeno slapped Jason... I scolded her. She sworn that she will be watching me and Jason for now on. Jason drove me home though.

I got up,  got ready,  and drove to school.  As I walked in,  Himeno walked up to me and asked with a grin, "So...  what are you and Jason gonna do do today?..." She jumped up and down.  As usual. "Why should I tell you if your gonna find out by stalking us? " I replied,  making a point.

Himeno pushed that away and immediately went to what she wanted to tell me. "Caleb said he likes me!! " she squealed. "Didn't you find that out while stalking me at the dance? " I asked. "Yes," Himeno said. "But it is better to have someone tell you instead of you having to find out! Also,  if  Jason does one thing to harm you like Shou did, I will kill him!" Himeno replied, stamping her foot. "Got it?" she asked.

I jerked my head back,  scared.  "Sure... " I agreed.  Then Jason walked up behind me and put his arm around my shoulders .  "I promise I wont, " He said with a sweet grin. I smiled up at him.  He is so nice..

But Himeno then blew it. Himeno gave a small sarcastic smile. "Sure... That's what Shou said! Look where that ended up! Him flirting with another girl that he called his girlfriend! I will kill him for that! Kasumi made it pretty obvious she liked him!" Himeno rambled. She tended to do this whenever Shou popped up into a subject.

"Shou?" Jason asked.  "My ex.. " I sighed out. "I knew him for three years but he cheated on me... " I explained.  Jason popped his knuckles.  "Where is he?  I'll take care of him," He asked. Oh no.  Shou so happened to walk by.

I stayed quiet but then Himeno screamed and pointed, "THERE! " Jason looked that direction. Jason then walked up to Shou. I covered my face.  Dissapear Kasumi, dissapear!! I was able to mumble,  "Thanks a lot Himeno.. "

Shou looked up at Jason,  not knowing how to react.  Right wehn ai was just gonna get on my knees,  going to cover my face and try to dissapear.

Then I felt someone tugging my arm. It was Misaki. "Just walk away Kasumi. Just walk away... " She suggested. I followed her to our first period.  Wasn't long until I heard the announcements say,  "Code blue in the main hall,  Code blue in the main hall. And uh,  we also got the people who will compete in the next competition! We will be meeting tomorrow in the gymnasium! Here is the list!  The winners are: Girls Gone Wild, Breezes, Love forever,  The Flame Sparks and... The Stars in the Sky! Thank you!"

              ~After 7th period~

I cought up with Kiyomi who was holding hands with Johnathan. "Hi Kasuuummi, what happened?" Kiyomi asked. But before I could reply,  Himeno walks foward.

"Kasumi!  Omg,  that fight was crazy.  Jason punched Shou in the face,  then Shou punched Jason in the stomach.  Jason then pinned Shou down,  hitting hin repeatedly. Caleb then came in,  trying to break up the fight.  Caleb was so brave... " Himeno then gazed off,  thinking about Caleb I assumed.

Kiyomi started laughing, picturing the fight. "And then.. " I asked.  "Jason and Shou got a week out of ISS, " Himeno finished. "Did they get banned from the band competition?" I asked. "Probably if the teachers know they are in one," Himeno replied. I gasped and ran down the hall.  My friends followed.

I reached the ISS room. I walked in,  and noticed how bored Jason looked.  When he saw me,  he gave me a grin as if he just saw a emergency helicopter saving him fron the sea.

I waved and walked to the teacher.  "Can you let Jason out of Iss? " ai asked the teacher. "Sure," The teacher replied . "Really?" I questioned in amazement. "No, " The teacher said in a mean way.

"Ok,  you're making me do this.. " I sighed and reached in my sling purse.  The teacher jumped back like I was gonna pull out a knife. But instead I pulled out a $100 bill. "You sure? " I asked. The teacher trued to snatch the bill but I pulled it away.  "Nope. Let them two out of ISS, AND let them compete in the Competition," I ordered pointing at Jason and Shou.

The teacher stomped his foot in frustration. "Fine.." He gave in. He snapped his fingers at Jason and Shou.  "You two, out!" The teacher ordered. Without hezitataion, Jason and Shou zoomed out. I gave the teacher the $100 dollar bill and left.

Jason ran up to me,  lift me up,  and spun me around,  giving me a kiss. "You're a genious!  But why $100?" Jason asked. I hezintantly replied,  "Why not? "

Himeno glared at me and her gaze went to my purse.  "How much money DO you have? " She asked.  "Why do you wanna know? " I replied hotly. Himeno didn't say anything. The bell rang to dismiss school.  "BYE! " I exclaimed and ran off. Saved by the bell..

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