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"Is she close to waking up?"

"I... think so."

"How much longer?"

"How am I sopposed to know?"

"You're a doctor, right?"

"Yes... yes I am."

"Do you like her or something?"

"Maybe.." I heard a mumble come from Shawn, who I felt was next to me in the bed. Sam was asking question after question, annoying Shawn to the point where every other word he spoke was combined with a sigh, or a quick mumble.

"Aha! I knew it!" An excited Sam announced proudly. Shawn was probably rolling his eyes out of annoyance. Nurse Jackson got all of the anorexic patients here. I know that because of how many times I heard him talk about how much he thinks she is a devil compared to Shawn. I found out Shawn took care of anything consisting of a heart, or very rare diseases/ disorders here. He also sorta kinda met me when he was on a late shift paramedic run.

"Whatever." Shawn grumbled, audible in my ear. There was a steady beep of a heart monitor next to me, which gave me a major migraine by all of the beeps. I felt pains shock up and down my arms at my nerve endings from the tubes on my wrists. A weird fuzzy thing was up my nostrils as well, helping me breathe more then I had in the few weeks prior.

A yawn escaped my mouth as my eyes finally peered open, to be blinded by lights. Shawn was there on the side of the bed where I had seen him last, but I have a new set of clothes on, and a new sweatshirt. The lights were dim, showing an outline of Sam, running over in surprise.

"Well, hello there!" Shawn spoke, kissing the top of my head. His whole face was pale white. He looked shaken up to say the least. He let out a soft, shaky sigh and got up to get a clipboard with papers running wild with notes, scribbles, and his ungodly aweful chicken scratch handwriting.

"Shawn?" I asked, as Sam moved around the room to sit next to me on the bed. His face was lit with the light from his phone. Shawn let out a "hmm" and dragged his attention from his clipboard for a second.

"What did y-you do t-to me?" I asked, looking down at my hands, with a white bandage around the front. It hid a lot of nasty wires that let up to a blood pouch. I was to scared to move because I thought I'd rip something out. Everything about my current circumstance made me jitty and want to throw up.

"Well, sweetie... we ran a lot of important tests. Mainly consisting on how your heart is functioning, how good your iron levels are, and all that sorta... stuff." he explained, jotting down more scribbles on his clipboard. A lot of noise came from next to me, and I saw Sam violently tapping his phone.

"What are you playing?" I asked him, and his blue eyes lit up and searched over to me.

"Being honest with you, I have no idea." he answered back, receiving a grunt of a laugh from Shawn as he walked over and put the clipboard on the front of my bed.

"I'm really thirsty." I stated to nobody, bringing my hand up to my dry lips. Not enough saliva in the world can keep those things from chapping.

"I'll go get you something to drink... It's 12:45, so we're going to start your surgery in an hour so." he stated. As he spoke, we heard a light knocking on the door, and I saw Jenna's light, poofy blonde hair through the high window on the door. She was short, close to five foot, which made her the smallest one in our division of the hospital.

Shawn opened the door, and Jenna popped her head in, smiling.

"Hellooooo." she greeted, creating an 'o' shape with her mouth. She did a little dance over to me and sat on the corner of the bed.

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