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"Ugh!" Jen wined " My feet hurt. Its hot. Im hungry!" she sat down on a couch in the house we were looking at. "We've been at this all week, and still haven't found one we like."

"Ok we'll go to a real estate office after my doctors appointment." I rolled my eyes.

"At least they will have AC." She got up and limped to the jeep. That's what she gets for wearing heels. I shook my head and got behind the wheel. "Why do you have a doctors appointment?"

"Basic check up, plus my iron is super low. My normal doctor retired so now I get to meet my new doc." I said turning into the doctor office parking lot. Jen and I got out and walked inside. She sat in the lobby as I went to check in. I plopped down in the seat beside her. She was playing clash of clans on her tablet.

"Miss Tipton?" a nurse called my name. Getting up she led me to a room and gave me a gown to put on. "The doctor will be right with you." She shut the door and left out. I was naked under the robe. I was staring at the ceiling when the door opened then closed.

"Ok Miss Tipton. My name is Axel Wode and I am you're new doctor." His back was turned to me as he logged into the computer. From behind he was muscled and toned. He had on a button down with the sleeves rolled up. He stood about 6'4 with strawberry blonde hair. Then he turned around.

"Y-you!" I gasped pointing a finger at him.

"Oh shit." He sat down on the stool. We just stared at each other then he finally spoke. "Listen, I can give you your check up today and recommend you to another doctor."

"No, no you don't have to. It's not like we know each other. All we did is dance at a club together, for one song." I mumbled.

"Hmm I guess you're right. Though it would be safer if I still recommended you to a colleague." He smiled.

"Ok." I blushed.

"Alright I'm going to listen to you moan my name." Axel purred

"What!?" she looked up at him with wide eyes.

"I said I'm going to listen to your lungs and heart." He smiled and I could feel myself blushing harder. Good thing for my caramel skin color. I'd be tomato red if I was white.

He listed to my heart and lungs. Checked my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Then he placed his hands on my shoulders and gentle pushed me back

"Ok dear I'm going to check your body for any abnormalities ok?" he asked as he began gently feeling my jaw, and neck then moving lower.

He ran his fingers around my breast lightly pressing down in certain spots. It may be a simple routine but I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

His hands trailed down my side and gentle but firmly pressed my lower belly. He continued his journey down my legs to my feet. Making me flex my foot. Finally his hands climbed back up my legs and rested on my inner thighs. I felt tingly all over, like electricity was dancing on my body.

"Ok my dear, you're going to have to spread your legs for me" he said in a husky voice, looking directly in my eyes. Slowly I let my legs fall open until I was spread before him. I even swore I thought I saw him inhale deeply.

He cupped me and rubbed his hand up and down. He trailed his index finger through my slit. He lightly probed my opening. He gave a very quiet groan.

"I don't think I need any lube for you." He slipped his thick middle finger in me. That caused me to jump and shiver. "Sorry, my hands are probably cold" he smiled

His finger moved inside of me making my eyes roll in the back of my head. I know he had to have felt me clench up on his finger.

I barely heard him mutter under his breath. "Jesus, ... tempt me goddess" he pulled his finger out of me, turned his back and headed to the sink. Right before he started washing his hand, I could have sworn I heard a soft sucking sound.

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