2 years (human years) later

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Pretty soon, the pups grew up.

They became Knight: a black as night wolf who is the oldest. Likes to explore all his options before making a decision.

Fang: a white as snow wolf who is the middle child, or pup and is quick to make desicions. He has a scar on his left eye.

Eagle: a greyish-white wolf who is the youngest of the group. He loves to eat, and is the most outgoing of the group.

Knight woke up before the others. He sniffed the air. He saw the the few members of his pack. Knight went out to hunt. He walked through the forest, sniffing the scents of the animal that once walked here. Then, he smelt a rabbit :a fairly new scent. He tracked it, the reached some bushes. Then, he struck. Success! He began his journey back, and heard a rustling in the bushes. A wolf sprang out. Knight growled, and the wolf started to laugh. "Oh! It be a FirePack member! You are the smallest Pack in the Forest! Why, the great StormPack has 36 Members! You barely have 4!" Knight growled. "You StormPack wolves are so cocky. One day, you will fall from power." Knight walked away with his plump rabbit. When we reached the Packs Resting spot. "Is that all! We can't survive if we have this amount of food!" Yelled an angry Fang. "Relax Fang! Maybe we would have more food if you bothered to get up!" Said Eagle. Fang Growled. "Take it easy! We have to eat, or else this rabbit will be a worms nest!" Ordered Knight."and remember, Mother gets the first share." "No it's alright. I am growing old, so there is no point wasting food on me. When I die and become one with the greater dog, I must know you will rebuild FirePack, and destroy those evil." Said Rain. "But how do we do that??" Asked Eagle. "You must rebuild the Pack, then fight those who did us wrong." They all nodded. "Do you promise me?" Asked Rain. "Yes mother." Said all of them. "Good. Now eat that rabbit before it becomes a worms nest." Ordered rain. So Knight, Fang, and Eagle Ate the rabbit in peace.

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