The first time we kissed

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Ambers POV
" Can't go to the party tonight" "why not" "because I have homework to do" "come on it's just a party at my place" "fine" "yes now let's go get ready" "I'm already ready". I walked into her house and I saw her brother sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey where's molly" "oh she's at the store and my parents are at a party" "oh so it's just us here" "yeah.....what should we do first" "what do you mean" "oh come on we are here all alone and you are looking really nice in those shorts". He walked over to me and grabbed my waist and pulled me close. "I know you want me too, I see you looking at me all the time" "I...i don't look at you all the time". He looked at me with his big brown eyes and leaned down into me. He kissed me softly and held the back of my neck. I pulled away but his strength was to much for me to handle. "Come on they aren't gonna get back until later we have all the time we need to have some fun". "I can't do this to Molly she needs me in her life.." he cut me of by pushing me on the couch and laying down on top of me I knew what he wanted and I didn't want to give it to him. I felt his hand go up my shirt and caressed my boob. Suddenly all the doubt of us being together faded away. I wanted him all over me I felt him up and touched his body. I felt his bulge through his jeans I grabbed it and he hissed.i wanted him to touch me and to be with me and u didn't care if Molly was my best friend and of this is her brother. I just wanted him to know that I wanted him to and that it was ok for us to do this but I didn't know what to do.

Calebs pov
She felt warm and soft. I loved he way her body felt it was like magic under my fingers. The sensation of our kiss gave me and erection. As if she knew my exact thoughts she caressed my erection and began to undo my pants button and zipper. I ft how much she wanted this as much as I did and I pulled down her yoga pants and and pulled out my length. "Stop, we can't do it on the couch" "and why is that" "do you really want to have to explain why cum is on the couch" "right lets go to my room". I put away my length and she pulled her pants back up and she ran to my room I ran after her and found her stripped and laying on my bed in nothing but long socks panties and a lacy bra. It's like she knew we would have sex together. I took off my shirt and my pants. I jumped on the bed and leaned up against her, my erection begining to get bigger. I grinded against her and she moaned from the contact and I tried to hold back one but found myself wimpering.

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