Ch - 5

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[Previous night] 

 After the ghoul had feasted on her own kind. Her kakugan slowly faded revealing the natural colour of her eyes, which were a hazel brown. The Cheshire cat like smile featured her face began to calm, a much more mellow expression showed, now. 

"Where am i?. . . " She barely spoke. With a sniff at the air, the scent of copper caught her nose. "....!!" Covering her hands over her mouth she almost puked. "What's that smell?!" She commented to her self before gazing down onto the floor- right in front of her, it was clear to see as to what happened. Her eyes widened at the sight of the disfigured body before her. With moments of staring, she soon after wailed out screaming. 

"W-What is this?" She began to panic, scuffling back against the ground, at least a few feet away from the corpse- or at least what remained. With horrified filled eyes, and a quivering bottom lip, she then trailed her gaze onto her attire. She gasped at the sight of the blood stains coated over her.   "Did i do this??" Question after questions, she asked herself.  She was distorted.

After, she ran her tongue along her upper teeth, "F-Flesh between teeth. . ." the female muttered, before running her tongue along her lips now. "blood stained, l-lips". "I k-k-killed a human. . .?!" Her voice trembled, though gazing at the dead body once again, she could see the luminous colours of its kagune. "A Ghoul?" Frightful, she spoke. 

"Well done" A voice uttered into her ear. 

"Who's there?!" Quickly, she turned to face behind her, but not a single soul apart from a stray cat lurked. "No one. . ." She sighed with relief. 

"Now you just have to kill them all~" Again, the same voice uttered.

Getting up onto her feet and scanning about the area. There was no one in sight. "S-Show yourself!" She called out.

"Each and last, everyone of them" Arms then wrapped loosely around the fearful females shoulders. Another figure, with the same embodiment as the other muttered into her ear- almost cooing. 

Looking to her side, the female went wide eyed. "Me??" She blurted. 

"That's right~. I'm you and you're me" Softly the floating figure said, a subtle smile evident. 

The ghoul could not sum up any words, she was beyond perplexed. 

"Hurry and kill them all" The figure again spoke. 

"Kill them all? w-what do you mean?" She dared ask.

"The ghouls of course" The figures calm demeanour became contorted. "Kill the ghouls! All of them, ahahah!" Turning sinister, she pulled back her arms, now clasping her hands around the ghouls neck- almost strangling her. 

"Kill them, kill them, kill them!"

"I-I c-can't" Se struggled to speak, being chocked by the figure, though the figure caused no actual harm to her. It was only an illusion of the ghouls mind tormenting her. 

"Then i will! AHAHAH!" Loudly it laughed before vanishing. 

Collapsing onto her knees, the lone ghoul, became almost lifeless with dull- but frightened eyes as pearls of tears poured. ". . . .What's happened to me. . . ." Small, she uttered. 


If anyone is having any trouble with the story, such as being confused as to what is happening, don't be afraid to say so. I read this story myself and got confused, lol. I'd be more than happy to explain to anyone. ^^ though that'd end up with me spoiling it for you. 

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