part 4

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Recap: you learned how to fly and then was about to fly away when the door burst open and ten soldiers came in with the king and queen both of them looking at the mess in your room.


"what happend in Here y/n" your mom asked and all of them looked at you and we're shocked to see your appearance "what happend to you y/n" your dad asked "this is what happens when you choose to defy me" you said and send them flying into the wall and I mean all of them who knew you were this strong the soldiers got up and send spears it hit, blood came out, you didn't fell any pain and then it healed "bye don't you dare try and find me" you said and flew away too the the forest of obscurité (means darkness in french) you flew and flew until you reached a hut you went inside and saw no one was there or anyone living there because there were no belongings "this will do just fine" you said and landed on the ground "how nice to have a new home" you said and laid on the couch 'this house could use a step up' you thought and thought about his house becoming a mansion with beautiful decors in the house and you snapped your fingers and a huge mansion stood in front of you.

You were quite comfortable you had found out you have the powers of a witch but is a vampire and you control darkness very well if I might add you have gotten used to living alone and it stayed that way when you turned 30 years old you looked in the mirror and was shocked 'how come I didn't noticed I hadn't aged' you thought then you found out you are immortal and you were jumping with joy you loved this place even though it was dark and misty it was home your home and you never wanted anyone to step foot in this place so you made a crystal ball which will tell you if anyone was coming or not and if someone did you would scare them by wearing a long black cloak with  a hood and when they came near you. You would pull up the hood and drink their blood you never felt guilty because of what your parents did to you and more and more the world started to change and you saw all of it and finally you became like an attitude teenager because the world now is the world jeff the killer is living in. You have been living for thousands of years and now your life will change forever.

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