chspter 26 - do you remember?

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i just woke up to michael kissing me on the check, and he would kiss my neck making me smile. he said ''i know your awake'' ''darn it'' ''scarlett i have a question'' ''yeah'' ''do you remeber the other night at my families house'' ''yeah what about it they didnt talk to me at all thats all that happened'' ''no before that'' ''oh yeah i forgot to tell you i had a dream of your brother marlon trying to rape me'' ''babe that wasnt a dream'' ''WHAT!'' ''does that mean he got me pregnaut'' ''no he almost raped you so its alright he was mainly hitting you'' ''why?'' ''i dont know'' ''he just loves girls probably mike'' ''no he hates them but maybe he thought you were special'' ''mike im not special he doesnt probably know what my dad did to me, *tarts to cry* he is still alive, out to get me'' ''well were not going to let him get you'' ''how do you know michael'' ''its the power of love and huband and wife, well soon to be''

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