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I woke up in some dingy room, warehouse or basement, judging by air quality, basement.
Mistake 1.
Metal door, three bolts.
Mistake 2.
Big 300 pound man other side of the door.
Mistake 3.
What you never ever put in a kidnap plan is me, mistake 4, letting me into your hidden house near a hidden hill upon my enemies is a bad idea, I will probably kill you all.

Yet, here I am, surrounded by my enemies mistakes and too groggy to act upon them. I was alone and I was loving every minute of this peace, despite the pounding headache and the blood circulating my body again, I must have been out good because I felt weak and a little, shall we say, crazy.

I must have been in here for an hour when someone walked in. I wish Damien was here, where was my 'guardian angel' now?

Alone. That was all I'd ever be, alone, stuck in this sick, sad, twisted world alone, well other than the man who walked in and the 300 pound blokes with him, other than that, I was pretty alone in this world. My crew hadn't come to rescue me, Joe hadn't and neither had Damien.
"Ryder." A tall man said, bald, brown eyes, muscly and looks like he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Great, just what I needed.
"Remember that beautiful town not so long ago? Before brazil?" He asked, please don't be the brother of the leader of Russian mobs I shot.
"Yeah." I said, my voice sounded pretty weird, lack of water, yep I'd been here a while.
"Well you shot my brother, he was the leader of those Russians."
"Oh bloody hell fire, it was kill or be killed."

I was punched in the face a few times, kicked in the stomach and my head held under water.
"I'll leave you here, alone." He snarled before kicking me again and walking off, leaving me alone again.

Where was Damien?

Oooo, why does she care for Damien so much?

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