Heres chapter 2 guys hope you enjoy

Cher POV


"AGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" I jumped up and down when the bell rang " I swear that bell need to calm down a bit, its trying to murder me" Mellisa giggled, everyone quickly got up and walked to our next lesson.

"Only you would get scared of such things Cher, only you" I gave her evils and she gave me evils back so I quickly hid behind Louis.

"Help? Mellisa has turned into a serial killer" Louis went along with it and stood infront of me trying to protect me.

"Hey, I never stept on a cornflake, so how am i a cerial killer?" Everyone burtsed into fits of laughter and she blushed deeply. We seprated ways for our next lesson. Me, Louis, Sajia and Conner together while the rest of us went the other way.

"Hey conner guess what?" Sajia screamed in excitement. You see Connor and Sajia have been bestfreinds since secondrey school, it like me and Louis but the story is a shorter version.

"What" Connor said with excitemnet as well, its like they are twins.

"Nothing" Connor gave her daggers and pretended to be mad at her which didnt work well after he showed a glimpse of him smilling. This was so entertaining, me and Louis just stood there laughing at them.

"Anyways I have something 'real' to tell you" Connor said showing the speech marks with his finger.

"What, i swear if its nothing i will shave your hair of your head" at that instant me and Louis looked at eachother and went into fits of laughter remebering what happened in the morning with Mr Davis.

"Yes it is something real. If a man with a white beard and a fat belly kidnaps you, dont panick because somebody wanted you as a present for christmas." Connor said blushing. Aww he has crush on her how cute.

"Did Liam Payne ask for me? Oh My Gosh did he?" Sajia said freaking out, well this is going great isnt it? Even Louis stood there awkwardly. Connor looked embarressed and hurt.

"I think so" he said stuttering. I quickly grabbed Louis hand, giving him the look that we need to leave and they need space to talk thing out.

"Come on Louis, and Conner you better spill those funny beans out, because you cant keep them in forever." Sajia gave me a questioning look, like the WTF look.

I pulled Louis with me to class which hadnt started yet, I went in and sat beside Louis.

"You think he gonna tell Sajia that he likes her?" Louis said sounding worried.

"I dont know, if he does, hopefully it wont be awkward, and hopefully it wont ruin their freindship." I said showing my crossed fingers to him.

"If we ever went into a relationship, and you didnt like it, would it hurt our freindship?" Louis asked, I gave him a questioning look.

"What do you mean?"

"Errr nothing, it just crossed my mind, nothing importand" he flashed a smile, but the thing was, that was not his real Louis smile, because I know and beleive me when i say i know what his real smile is like, it was fake. I returned the smile not bothered to ask what was up. Then the teacher entered the class, crap they are still not here. What am I gonna say when the teacher asks for their absent? what? WHAT!?


hope you guys liked chapter 2 xxxxxxxxxxx

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