Chapter 3

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    Here we are again at school me and Bessy trying to dial his number but can't why not becuz it was so spooky and soo scary we just couldn't .Then Bessy said "Madison are u sure u no his number"

I said"yes I do now plz be quite and stand right next to me so we don't lose each other"

She said"ok but hurry up dial his number so we can get out of here"

I said "ok come on let's do this "

After then,we dialed his number and said "hi is this Mr Santiago"

"Yes,it is who is this " he said

  "I- -I'm Madison "I said

  "o ok hi sweetheart what is the matter,what happened?,are u alright nothing happened to u right?!he said

I said"no I'm alright it's just that me and Bessy are in school and we r hearing these very spooky noises and we had no knew to call so we thought we could call u for help so can u plz help us"I said

he said ok wait I'll be right there

We said ok but plz hurry.

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