Love,Is Like A Glazed Donut

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Ariel's POV...

We finally arrived at Krispy Kreme and to be honest I am estatic. The fact that me and mike are officially together makes feel really good inside. Which is something I haven't felt in such a long time.

"Baby, whatcha want?" Michael asked while shining his pearly white smile down at me. I love it when he smiles,its so beautiful.

" Um just give me some glazed donut holes." I said I excitement.

I'd been wanting those all day.

While Michael ordered our food I decided I would go find Payton and let her know what's up.

"Hey arie." Payton spoke. But for some reason she sounded a bit upset.

"Hey, why you sound so down?" I asked. She grabbed my arm drug me over to one of the tables so we could talk.

"Some things went down between me and Harry..." she said trailing off.

"What happened?" I asked. What I the hell did Harry do?P Aston is never this upset.

"I found a used condom in his bedroom trash can when I was with him the other night. I know it was his because it is his size and it's the only kind he buys." She said angrily.

Oh shit...

"Ohhhh..... Are you sure?" I asked cautiously sense I knew she was already on edge. I didn't wanna make her angrier than she already was.

"Yes! Who else's could it be?" She said while giving me the "What The Fuck"face.

Michael finally got our food and came and sat down with us.

"Wassup Payton." He spoke softly.

"Hey" Payton said dryly. Michael caught wind of that too.

"Ohhhh! What's wrong?" He asked sincerely.

"Long story short, I think Harry is cheating on me." She said sadly.

"Oh shit. Really? I don't know what to say." he said while looking down like he was thinking.

" Ya know what, I'll talk to him man to man and see what's going on with him alright? We ain't have in this.." He said while biting into a glazed donut.

"You'd do that for me mike?" She perked up.

"Yeah I' don't mind, I gotcha." He said with glaze all over his face. we laughed.

" Your such a kid." I told him. He smirked at me and smushed donut into my mouth.

"You just eat this donut and be quiet.." he said while laughing.


Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoyed this chapter!
---Love Ashley😘❤️

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