Chapter 2

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"NO ALICIA! I FORBID IT!" My mother screamed.

" I WI'LL GO IF I WANT TO! IM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!" those were the last words I had screamed to my mother before grabbing my bag and heading out of the house.

I have not seen her since then- since I went to join the Cadet Corps. I'm not here to avenge my dad, though that is part of it, I am here to prove to myself that I am not weak anymore. I came here because I wanted to be stronger.

So far, I'm not doing to well. I rubbed my head where it had struck the ground during 3D-Gear practice. I had fallen at least 3 tines before getting it right. I sighed. At least I wasn't the only one with injury. Yeager had a pretty nasty egg himself. As I ate I thought about the first day here.

"Alright, what is your name?" The tall bald general leaned down and shoved his face within inches of mine.

I shuddered.

"Alicia Montez, sir!"

"Where are you from Cadet Montez?"

" the interior, sir!" I yelled.

"Why did you join the Cadet Corps?"

I looked him straight in his cold eyes and said "I want to become stronger,sir!"

He then laughed and swept my legs out from under me, placeing his foot on my chest pushing me to the ground. He leaned onto his leg.

"Then you came to the wrong place. Only the strong survive here".

Then he moved on to stretching some kids face.

I stood up dusted off my behind, puting my hands in a salute like all the other cadets, pretending that had not just happened.

------- End of Flashback ----

"Oi! Montez!"

I stiffened and turned in my seat to one of my classmates.

" Y-yes?" I answered.

Jean was about to say something when Sasha randomly appeared in front of my face, pointing to my uneaten potato.

" ARE YOU GOING TO EAT THAT!" Her mouth was full of food. I shook my head quickly and pushed my plate to her. She snatched the potato off my plate and scurried back to her seat hissing at anyone who so much as looked at her potato.

"As i was saying" Jean began " Where do you want to go once this is all over?"

I looked at the ground before muttering "survey corps."

"sorry? I couldn't hear you."

I looked him straight in the eye and raised my voice " survey corps" I repeated.

Jean stared at me for a few seconds before bursting into laughter "you'd die on stable duty!"

He was laughing at me. That is not what I came here for. I came here to not get laughed at. I had to stand up for myself.

"I'd be doing more than you! I won't be sitting on some chair doing nothing but drinking and playing cards! I will be helping humanity! That's more than can be said for you!"

My voice had risen in volume while I had been talking and I had stood up. Everyone was staring at me. I gulped and sat down quickly.

As I sat down another cadet, Eren Yeager stood up. "I think she has a point!" He then proceeded to make a beautiful most likely spur of the moment speech until the general came in and yelled and us all to go to bed.

"Eren!" I caught his shoulder and as he was heading out the door. "Thank you, for agreeing with me. I'm not used to that" .

"no problem" He replied. I noticed his friend Mikasa giving me the death glare. I had no idea why

As i slipped under the covers I smiled to myself. I had stood up for myself and I had done a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

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