A Life Almost Lost

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Michaels POV...

"Get down!" I screamed. Unfortunately I am in the middle of a very unfortunate situation.

Being shot at is not fun.Why can't they just make this easy. It will even save their lives...

All I want is my money.Why is that so hard?

"I ain't given you shit! So get off my property!" Grey yelled.

I really hate this guy, but if he says so...

I raised up off the ground with my beautiful machine gun, which I named Miranda, and loaded his ass up with bullets.

Don't fuck with my money. Simple as that.

I watched as his body slowly fell to the ground with a thud. This could've went so much easier. I smiled.

Whelp, time to go get my money.

I turned around and began to walk towards the house, when all of a sudden I hear...

"Michael! Get down!" Sam yelled. As soon as I turned around, I saw a gun raise up to my face. I knew this was the end. It had to be.
I waited for it. Then it happened.

... A gunshot went off.

But I didn't feel anything. I felt all over my body to make sure I was okay.I opened my eyes. I wasn't dead.


I looked down and there was a man dead in front of me with blood pouring out the back of his head. I looked up to see how all of this happened since I was so confused, and saw the one person I didn't want here...


Sorry for the late update! Hope you enjoy, I know it's short. I'm trying.
------Love Ashley😘❤️

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