Chatper 5:I don't know if I can forgive you

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HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm super super sorry I haven't updated. I've had a lot of things going on. So here chapter 5.
Bella's P.O.V
The next morning I woke up and heard someone giggling.
It sounds like a girl.
Mayyybeee one of the boys has a girlfriend.
I got out of my bunk and saw two girls.
One of them was Acacia. What is she doing here? Why did she come this morning? I don't want to wake up every morning seeing her. I know I might sound rude, but I have my reasons.
Then there was another girl. Who is she? She looks like Michael's cousin or friend because she has dyed hair.
Then Michael pecks her on the lips. Sooooo they are not related, they are dating.
Then all eyes were on me.
"Ummm....Hi. I'm Bella." I said to the girl
"Hi I'm Vanessa. I'm Michael's girlfriend." She said
Then Vanessa and I started talking when someone tapped my shoulder.
"Aren't you going to say hi to me? Aren't you going to tell me how are you? You know I am not invisble." Acacia said
"What is she doing here and in front of my face?" I asked Calum
Calum was about to talk but then Acacia spoke,"I am here because I am his girlfriend."
"I don't care if you're his girlfriend. I should be treated nicely and I shouldn't have to be in the same room with you because you have always been a bitch to me and I do not des---" I got cut off by her punching me in the stomach and then my face.
I fell and hit my head and lied down on the floor in pain.
"What the hell was that for?" Ashton said while running towards me with the boys
"She was being mean to me. Calum tell them." She said trying to cry and obviously Calum was going to tell us something
"I agree. Those were some harsh words. I think Bella was being mean, selfish, and harsh to Acacia. Acacia didn't do anything. It was all Bella. Bella started this whole thing." He said and then he did something I thought he would never do. He slapped me.
"WHAT THE HELL CALUM?!?? First, you defend your girlfriend and now you punch Bella?!? You are sick man." Michael said about to punch Calum, but the boys held him back
Then Mikey, Ash, Vanessa, and Luke helped me to my bunk.
Before going I turned around in tears and told Calum,"I can't believe you. I don't think I could forgive you."
Hi guys.
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