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Zayna:Zendaya wake up!!!!(Her mom)

Zendaya: I'm Up!

Zayn:(her dad) clam down

Zayn: the bus is coming now

Zendaya:I'm ready

Higman:come on I'm not waiting all day

Zendaya:OK bye

Zayna & zayn:bye

At school

Amber:ugh look at the new girl who does she think she is talking to cody

Ali:ik right

Cody:(Cody wise look him up and listen to its my birthday) so it was nice to meet u zendaya

Zendaya: yea see u later

Amber:y were you talking to her????

Cody:wat calm down bae she just asked where Mrs.lili class is

Amber:so she could have asked someone else

Cody:get over it and let's get to class

Amber:yea its not like she can have u cause yhu wth me

Cody:exactly (with a weird face)

In class

Mrs.lili:students we have an new student her name is zendaya come in sweetie

*Zendaya walk's in being shy but brave*

Everyone gasp talking and pointing at her

Zendaya: hi

Ali:amber that's the girl from earlier

Amber: ik stupid

Mrs.lili: sit next to Cody.Cody raise your hand pls

*Cody raises hand*

Ali:look she sitting next to...*amber cuts her off*

Amber: ik!!!!

Zendaya: I told u I would see u later

Cody:your cute but don't tell amber

*zendaya blushes*

Zendaya: thanks who is amber??

*Amber runs over*

Amber:I'm amber aka his bae

Cody:calm down

Mrs.lili:sit down amber

Amber:Yes mam

Zendaya: wow



Attention students tomorrow is our valentines day dance after school from 4:15 to 6:15

Thank you school dismissed

Amber:come on bae

Cody:bye zendaya

Zendaya: bye here's my nub


Amber:come on!!!!

Zendaya: bye


Zayna: how was school

Zendaya: good I met a boy and we are having a school dance tomorrow can I go pls

Zayna: what time?

Zendaya:4:15 to6:15

Zayna: OK

Zayn:how was school

Zendaya: good I'm going to bath and pick my outfit out


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