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POV CHANGE: Leah Clark

I helped Eric, Lauren and the rest of the family look for Dylan and Quinn for hours, today of all days, the Fourth of July, are you kidding me, out of all days to go missing they chose the Fourth of July! Kennedy and I couldn't even relax for lunch because Lauren was flipping out about how we don't have time to eat due to the fact that we have to look for them. I'm going to eat when I'm hungry thank you very much. Eventually my emotional soul of a sister decided to call the police, thank God. The second she started calling the cops Kennedy and I thought it would be a good idea if we disappeared. We snuck into the house, made some sandwiches then went out the back door to eat it on the hill behind the parking lot. The two of is stared through the cracks of the Thompson's pine trees and managed to see the beauty of Keuka lake in nothing more than a glimpse. We couldn't see a lot of the lake but then again we didn't need to, just a glimpse of it was enough.

"Beautiful isn't it?" I asked.

"It sure is." Kennedy replied with an award winning grin.

POV CHANGE: Delilah Matthews

"What?" Trudy gulped hard and stared at me helplessly after I told her that Lauren called the police.

"She called the cops." I repeated.

"Yeah, I got that part but..." She paused due to what seemed to be a lack of words.

"What are we supposed to do now puppets?" Daisy asked in her notorious British accent, I think she was trying to lighten the mood though it wasn't helping.

"I have no idea."

"Let's just go home and pretend like nothing happened." Trudy directed, "Check please."

The tall dark haired waitress walked over to us and delicately placed the check on the table, "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I'd like a box please." I answered.

Trudy and Daisy politely declined her offer for further service and began dividing the lunch cost by three. Daisy and I threw our cash into the middle of the table and let Trudy split the costs evenly. By the time she finished, the waitress returned with the plastic box for my lunch.

"Thank you." Trudy responded and she handed the mysterious waitress the black book that contained the money for the lunch the three of us had recently enjoyed.

Shortly after we paid our bill we left the restaurant and climbed into the champagne colored mini van once again. Trudy got in the driver seat and once we were headed towards the house she turned the radio to 100.5 and Love Runs Out by OneRepublic came on, Trudy's favorite song.

"Finally! Something to get my mind off this nightmare." She exclaimed, she was happy that a distraction came along.

I completely understand where she's coming from, the guilt eats away at you slowly, like the flames slowly chipping away and a log in the fire pit, slowly, a suffocation, an intoxication; it's impossible to get away from, that is until the truth comes out, and in this case, it wasn't going to come out for a while.

About twenty minutes later we arrived back at the brown and white cottages that lay side by side and pulled into the driveway where we parked next to an idle police car.

"Home sweet home." Daisy said sarcastically.

"You can say that again." Trudy and I replied in sync.

Slowly the three of us stepped out of the car to find the officer was talking to Lauren on the front lawn. She instantly noticed us and pointed her finger up the hill at the three of us, the officer, followed the direction of Lauren's hand with his eyes and turned to face us. A small yet significant smile leaked from his lips. Not a happy smile, a sincere one, one that seemed to say "Im going to help you find them."

That sent my already active nerves in my body to cause another knot in my stomach.

POV CHANGE: Katelynn Thompson

It's the Fourth of July and everyone is either arguing or looking for Dylan and Quinn, what a great holiday. I helped look for them for a little while but then I decided "Doctor Who" was much more interesting. First I snuck upstairs hoping that my mom wouldn't see me and make me search for the two milk carton cases. It must be my lucky day because my mom wasn't home, I opened the fridge grabbed some food, a can of soda then I returned to the heaven I call my bedroom. The Netflix app was already open on my IPad so I just selected "Doctor Who" and that was it; other than the fact my sister is missing, what a good day!

POV CHANGE: Vernon Thompson

Otto and I went for a swim in the refreshing depths of Keuka but once I saw a police officer in the Matthews' yard I knew something was up. I mean what did they do, call the cops? The more I think about it though, it does make sense that they called the authorities I mean, Dylan is only four; the only reason I'm not out looking high and low for Quinn is because she's fourteen years old, she knows her way around here. We kept staring over at the Matthews' house for a good ten minutes before I saw the Brockport paraphernalia wearing, washer playing, bet losing, black Nike wearing friend emerged from the vibrant forrest green of the tree on the side of my property. He continued walking onto my property but I decided to play it cool, maybe he was just looking for Dylan, who knows. The Nike's continued moving closer to me until he made it to the end of the dock, he glanced up at the baby blue, cloudless sky then looked directly at me.

"Vern, I think It's time we talked, I can't handle this anymore." Charlie said with a degree of regret and sadness reflecting in his eyes that I had never seen before.

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