Chapter 1 - The Fairy "Nymph"

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"Mama! Where's Nymph!?" asked Serana, eager to find her little pet Fairy. "Have you tried looking at your Laboratory? Go and see if she's there" replied Tania. "I'll go check, if she's not there, I'm going to scout the Wisp Mothers Grove" said Serana. "Yes darling" said Tania.

As Serana reached the pathway to the Wisp Mothers Grove, she saw her little fairy friend lying down, as if she had been struck by the Lightning Barrier that shields the grove from enemies.She rushed to Nymph and picked her up. About a few minutes later, Nymph, a little, loving, beautiful fairy, woke up and bit Serana on the neck and flew off like an angry wild animal.

It has been two hours since Serana left the house. Her mother Tania is getting very worried for her. She then sent guards to go find her beloved daughter at the grove. When they returned, Tania was shocked by what she has seen happen to Serana. She had blood covering her body, vines forming and flowers growing on Serana's body.

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