Andy Imagine-Just Bloody Great

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Becca’s Imagine 2

 (Becca’s POV)

 Andy Brown… why do you have to be so god damn irresistible?! Every time you make my blood boil, instead of me wanting to punch you, I want to kiss you passionately instead. If only I had the balls to do that.

 I’m walking home from college at about 4pm while blasting music into my ears through earphones. I see a mother walk past pushing a pram with a cute little new born baby in. I smile sweetly at the baby and I don’t notice that I’m walking straight into the path of none other than Andy Brown!


And there I am, lying on top of Andy Brown in the middle of a pathway beside a main road. Isn’t this just bloody great?

‘I am so sorry… I got distracted!’ I apologise and get up, helping him up I the process.

‘It’s fine, babe. Babies are so cute. Anyway, I swear I’ve seen you somewhere?’ Andy asks and stares into my eyes. He’s gorgeous… his big brown eyes are so indulging…

‘Urm… yeah… I go to… College… with you…I’m Becca.’ I hesitate multiple times because of how gorgeous he is…

‘Oh great, so I’ll see your pretty little face again.’ He announces and my heart flutters with happiness.

‘Pretty? I’m not so sure about that!’ I reply.

‘I’m pretty sure…’ he throws back and I smile. ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ he asks.

‘Urm… no…’

‘Good, that means I can do this…’ Andy says before grabbing my face and pulling me into a soft romantic kiss that seemed to have lasted forever.

As we pull away, I attempt to catch my breath.

‘You know I don’t just go around kissing random strangers on the street!’ I confess.

‘Well I’m not a stranger, am I?’

‘How do you know?’ I ask.

‘Because I’ve been in your dreams…’ he winks as he says the line.

‘You wish!’

‘So do you mind going on a date with me sometime? Maybe share a second kiss with me?’ he asks cutely.

‘Well if I were to go on a date with you, we’d share a third kiss.’ I say.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Because here’s the second’ I whisper before wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.

 Best day ever!

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