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Dance class

Jacobs p.o.v.

Ms.Erica: today imma partner you up with someone to dance with

Everyone: *groans*

Ms.Erica: badjah+Rayquan

Rayquan +badjah:damn!!

Ms.Erica: cherasonto +Zonique

Zonique: ight

Cherasonto licks his lips

Ms.Erica: breuna +Craig

Craig: yo short ass better not mess me up

Breuna: Stfu nigga

Plz say jhene plz say jhene

Ms.Erica: jhene +Jacob Perez

Jhene: *mutters * damn

To myself I'm like hell yea

Ms.Erica: Jacob +jhene go first but put on your out fits first

Ms.Erica played 711 by Beyonce .I out our differences aside and started giving my best. I start twerkin he stars grinding then we do the the nae~nae then we criss~cross then he spins me around and I slip under his legs he pulls me up and then the music goes off ms. Erica claps so does everybody else

After dance class is over I try to talk to jhene

Me: ayo jhene

Jhene: what do you want

Me: I wanna make things right

Jhene: I don't trust u

Me: look im sorry you just dont know how bad it hurts

Jhene:look imma forgive but I wont forget

Me: I'm sorry

Jhene walks away


Do you think she will go back to him?

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