Chapter 9: An Interesting Breakfast

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Light shone through the window and I slowly opened my eyes. I moved my body a little and I felt someone's arm drape over me. Wait what?
I looked behind me and I saw Luke sleeping next to me with my head on his chest and his arm around me protectively. I gasped as I tried to wake him.
"Uh Luke, wake up!" I whisper-yelled. Luke groaned a little but he didn't wake up. I sighed and then I reached over and flicked him in the forehead.
"I said wake up!" I yelled. Luke jolted awake to find me in his arms.
"What? Uh what happened?" He asked confused. I raised an eyebrow.
"You tell me, I could have sworn that you were on the other side of the couch," I said. Luke's eyes went wide.
"Maybe I'm just a crazy sleeper," he suggested.
"Mmmhmm," I said as I gave him a 'yeah right' look. Luke turned red as he released me and sat up.
"Let's go get breakfast," he said. I nodded and started toward the kitchen but Luke grabbed my arm.
"I meant let's go out for breakfast," he said with a smile. I hesitated but my hunger took over and I agreed.
I went upstairs to get ready. I jumped in the shower and washed my body and my hair. When I got out, I blow dried my hair and put the straightener on. I went to pick out a simple outfit which consisted of a pair of dark blue leggings, a lacy black short sleeve shirt and some black flats.
By the time I was dressed, my straightener was ready so I went back to the bathroom and straightened my hair. When I finished, I put on my makeup, which was foundation, eyeliner and mascara.
I took a look at myself in the mirror and nodded. This was simple enough. I grabbed my phone and stuck it in my pocket as I went to open the door.
"Hey took you long enough," Luke said when I came out of my room. I rolled my eyes as I walked down the stairs.
"Cut me some slack, some girls take twice as long as I do," I said. Like rolled his eyes back and grabbed his wallet.
"Well, let's go," he said and headed towards the door. I nodded and went along with him. Just as I was about to open the door, Luke quickly grabbed my hand and turned me around to face him.
"I almost forgot to remind you, now that Simona knows what you look like, make sure that you don't attract any attention to yourself. It's most likely that Simona has guys looking all around the city for us and we need to make sure that we are careful," he said seriously. I nod my head again and then try to make the situation more cheery.
"Alright Dad, now let's go I'm starving," I said as I pushed him out the door. Luke and I jumped into the car and his driver took us into the city. I hadn't been in the city since before my dad left and I missed it.
After about twenty minutes, the driver stopped at a cute little breakfast place called "Little Mary's Pancakes." Luke and I jumped out of the car and I thanked the driver. Luke grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the restaurant. When we got inside I yanked my arm away and rubbed it.
"Geez, why so rough?" I asked. Luke quickly looked around.
"We can't be out in the open for so long so I wanted to get in here fast," he answered. I glanced around and saw a lot of elderly people and families. It didn't seem that there would be any suspicious people there. However, that still didn't stop me from being a little anxious.
Luke went over to the waitress and made a reservation and the girl took us to our table. I walked close behind Luke and as we got closer to our table I saw some girls gazing at Luke. I tried hard not to laugh. If only they knew what I had to deal with.
When we were seated the waitress asked us what we wanted to drink in a kind of flirtatious way. Luke shrugged off her attention and ordered an orange juice while I ordered some milk. When the waitress walked away looking pretty disappointed I might add, I got Luke's attention.
"Hey did you not notice that she was trying to flirt with you? She was pretty," I said trying to encourage him. Luke glared at me.
"Flirting is definitely not my first priority right now. I'm only focused on protecting you," he said seriously. I was taken aback. That was definitely a surprise for me.
"Okay, you don't have to get mad," I insisted. Luke looked around one more time before laughing.
"And besides did you forget about Lucy?" He asked with a smirk. I practically smacked my head on the table. I completely forgot about her.
"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I totally forgot you were guys were dating!" I panicked. Luke laughed again and shook his head.
"You don't need to worry about it, I don't really like her anymore to be honest," he said. This got my attention.
"Wait, are you going to break up with her?" I asked. He shrugged.
"Probably, I mean if I break up with her, I won't need to worry about her biting my head off about if you and I had done anything," he said. I laughed as I tried not to remember about the night before.
"Has she asked you yet?" I asked still laughing. He snickered.
"Oh yeah. She asked the night I went out with her and her friends. It was kind of annoying," he said as he rolled his eyes. I shook my head.
"Well since you are going to break up with Lucy, I encourage you to talk with our waitress. If you guys hit it off, we might get a discount," I teased as I did that weird twitchy thing with my eyebrows. Luke glared at me again.
"Real funny Clara," he said sarcastically. By the time we finished talking, the waitress came back with our drinks. She set my down rather harshly and put Luke's down real nice and easy.
"Do you know what you are going to order for food?" She asked Luke, not even acknowledging my presence. Luke desperately not to laugh as he told her that he wanted a ham and cheese omelet.
After writing down Luke's order, the waitress finally turned her attention to me.
"What what would you like?" She asked with a fake smile. I told her I wanted some blueberry pancakes and a side of bacon and then I got her attention again right before she left.
"By the way, he and I are not dating so you should definitely go for it," I whispered in her ear. The waitress looked at me bug eyed.
"Really?" She asked hopefully. I nodded and her face lit up. Luke gave me a look when the girl literally skipped away from us.
"What did you say to her?" He asked suspiciously. I took a sip of my milk.
"Just the truth," I said innocently. Luke's gaze burned holes into my soul.
"What truth?" He asked through gritted teeth.
"That you and I aren't dating, and she should go for it," I said with a laugh. Luke's eyes practically popped out of his head.
"I hate you so much right now," he growled. I bursted out laughing as I reached over and pinched his cheek.
"Aw come on, you know you love me," I joked. Luke's angry face was quickly replaced with two blushing cheeks as I said that. Geez did I pinch his cheeks too hard?
"No I really hate you," he said with his face still red. I put a hand to my chest and gasped.
"What? How could you hate me? I'm so nice to you all the time!" I said appalled. Luke practically spit his orange juice all over me.
"Wow, that had to be the biggest lie I have ever heard in my life!" He said. We both laughed together as the waitress came back with our food. She put my food just as gently as Luke's this time and asked if we wanted anything else.
"No we're all set, your friendly service has been enough," Luke said with a smile. The waitress immediately blushed as I tried not to gag. She then hurried away and it was my turn to glare at him.
"Hey I'd like to keep my breakfast in my stomach if you don't mind," I scoffed. Luke laughed as he began to eat his food.
"What? Was that too cheesy for you?"
"Definitely too cheesy," I said rolling my eyes. I then started to eat my pancakes and I melted.
"These are so good!" I cried. Luke gave me a weird look.
"Geez, would you quiet down a little? You're attracting too much attention," he warned. I quickly shut up and looked around at a few tables that were giving me a concerned look. I turned bright red as I sank down in my chair.
"Sorry, I just get a little excited when it comes to food," I said quietly.
"I can tell," Luke said as he shook his head. "Just try to be more quiet remember?"
For the rest of meal, I was quiet and barely talked as the waitress approached us many times trying to make small talk with Luke while still trying to do her job. At one point, the conversation was getting kind of annoying and I stood up to use the bathroom.
I walked towards the lady's room and on my way I saw a group of teenage boys giving me a weird sneaky look. Pigs. I entered the bathroom and took a deep breath. The stress of trying to hide from Simona was bothering me the whole time and I was getting really nervous.
When I finished calming myself down, I went to open the door until I was stopped. The perverted boys from earlier came into the bathroom and blocked my way. No one else was in the bathroom so I had no one to help me.
"Hey you're pretty cute, why don't you come hang with us for a little while?" one of them asked with a grin. I took a step away from them towards the stales.
"This is the lady's room, you're not suppose to be in here! Get out!" I cried. One big guy with a tattoo on his arm that I couldn't describe took a step towards me.
"Look, we don't want any trouble. We just want to hang out with you," he said as he reached for my hand.
"Don't touch me, leave me alone!" I screamed. The boys quickly grabbed my arms and one pulled a gag out of his pocket. What teenager carries a gag with him?!
"Look Miss. Keen, the faster we do this, the faster you get out of this situation," the one with the tattoo said. I struggled and pulled until I was able to get the gag off my mouth.
"You're part of Simona, aren't you?" I screamed. The boys said nothing but gave me an evil grin. As two boys began to reattach my gag, the other boy went to open a window that was next to the bathroom stales.
"Let's hurry and get her out of here before Jackson notices," one them whispered to the other. Good thing I heard them.
"Luke! Luke! Where are you? Luke!" I screamed from inside the gag. Then I noticed that I was getting sleepy. They put that weird stuff in the gag that makes people pass out!
"L-Luke," I choked out as my vision began to go. I fell to the floor and tried my hardest to stay awake. Right when the men reached for me to push me out the window, the girl's bathroom door flung open.
"Luke," I barely whispered. Luke looked at me on the ground and his eyes became extremely scary.
"How dare you do that to her. How dare you do that to a Viper!" He screamed at them. The boys let go of me and charged at Luke. The tattooed boy went to punch Luke in the stomach but he dodged it and punched him in the face. That boy went down, almost on me, and was out cold.
"Okay whose next?" Luke asked. The guy who first talked to me went for Luke's chest and the other one went for his stomach. He dodged the one who aimed at his chest but he couldn't escape the blow to his stomach.
Luke choked out and fell on his knees holding his stomach while one guy kicked his back.
"Luke!" I whispered. Luke looked at me and smiled.
"Don't worry Clara, I'll get us out if this," he said. He turned around and tripped the guy who kicked him. He fell down and Luke got on top of him and punched him. As Luke took care of that guy, I felt someone pick me up.
"I only need you, lets get out if here," the last guy growled at me. At this point, the drug took over and I passed out. The last thing I remember is Luke hit the guy in the chest and pushed him away from me and then the familiar scent of cologne and aftershave.

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