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So if you haven't read the title yet, you can already guess what this is about. If you haven't, I'm writing little excerpts from my FNaF fanfic, and an excerpt from my manga story. First the FNaF one because some of you are probably dying to hear it. Ready? Here we go! Before I start, this part of the excerpt is when Isabella (the main character) is six years old. So yeah she's older in the other chapters. And her Uncle Jack is the manager.

Uncle Jack led me to the backstage, where the curtains were closed. Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie were still as statues. "What's wrong with them? Are they sleeping?" I whispered to Uncle Jack. "Uh...yeah.   They get very tired after preforming, and there very old." He explained. "How old? Really, really, really, really, really, really old?" I asked. Uncle Jack chuckled, "Yes Bumble Bee, really old." I couldn't take my eyes off of Bonnie. "Can I touch him?" I whispered while pointing at Bonnie.  "No, he's sleeping. Sorry, Bumble Bee." He said. "Aw, okay. Can we go back to mommy now?" I asked. Uncle Jack took me back to his office, but mommy wasn't there. Instead, a note that Uncle read to me. "Mommy had to go to a meeting at work. Something important. I guess I could take you home." Uncle Jack told me. "Can we stay a little longer?" I asked. "Okay, but just for a little bit. Go off and play, I'll sit at a table and watch you." Uncle Jack said.

                       I didn't like playing arcade games, I preferred playing Super Mario on daddy's NES. I waited until Uncle Jack wasn't looking at me. I ran off to go explore, I went over to Pirate's Cove, where some children were playing. I looked over to my right and seen a curtain a few feet away from me, there was a security camera pointed directly at the starry curtain. I looked over and seen a sign that said in big letters, 'OUT OF ORDER'. What did that mean? I thought to myself. I was very  mischievous and sneaky, and being only six I could squeeze through tight spaces. I made sure no one was looking, then looked up at the security camera. I thought of a small plan, I would slip in near the side, where the security camera wasn't pointed. But how would I prevent the curtain from moving? I looked at an air vent next to it, the air vent wasn't on though. I just slipped in through, hoping the curtain didn't move.

So did ya like it so far? Anyway onto my other excerpt from my manga. Also, you have to read my other chapter before this one to understand what's going on.

I looked at the thing, "What the fuck?" I yelped and jumped out of the chair. "Look, I don't have all day! You made this deal, doll face, you can't go back on it." The creature said. The thing wasn't very tall, he was about as tall as a toddler. Its fur was blue, and it's eyes were black with a red pupil. "What deal? Who the hell are you?" I demanded while stating into his soulless eyes. "My real name can't be revealed," He said, "I'm a demon. We prefer to keep our names private." I started to get pissed, he was making me see him like this. Typical for a demon. "What are you anyway?" I said while turning around so I wouldn't have to see his face. "I'm a hedgehog, if it wasn't obvious. Wait a sec....you can see me?" He said. "Well no shit," I scoffed. "Weird...you must be somethin' else, Jenna." The thing said. He knows my name? (PS readers my real name isn't actually Jenna, its my pen name.)

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