Ginny's POV

It was the last day of school. Everything was back to normal. It had been a month and a half since I got up from my trance.

Allana and I had gotten over bullying, for sure.

And I have talked to Harry more recently!

My life was getting better by the moment, I was completely happy again.

But this time, I needed to do something with Emily and Allana.

Allana's POV

I was joking around again. No one dared to call me skinny (because I punched a boy for that...) and basically, it's all back to normal.
Danielle teased me in the good way again, Emily is once more a know-it-all, and I can stalk again the Hinny ship.

It's nearly time for dinner and I'm hungry, I ran to the common room and saw Emily talking to that guy named Gavin Stewart. Yeah, I don't think I do like him, I think I was just confused. I mean... Yeah, he's nice and everything... But no. Simply no.

"Emily!" I called. "Let's go!" I rolled my eyes.

Oh, my gosh! Wait! Wait! I think that bloody boy winked at me! Oh, my gosh! Is it true?

I mean, I don't care! Everyone winks at me! Geez, Lucy! What are you bloody thinking?!

Emily's POV

"You like her!" I told him.

"No, I don't, leave that alone!" He rolled his eyes.

"I won't shut up until you admit it!" I protested. Okay, it may hurt me just a bit if he says he does like Allana, but that wouldn't matter, I'm still going to make him say it.

"Why do you want me to say that? Lewis doesn't even like me!" Gavin cried. Ha, ha, ha, we're so complicated. He's right, I don't even know if Allana likes him, I'm just pressing him to say he liked her.

"Well... touché, just... say it!" I insisted.

"Emily! Let's go!" Allana called.

"I'm coming-" I said rolling my eyes. I don't think she even heard me, cause she was kind of hyperventilating.

Ginny's POV

I found them in the corridors.

"Girls! Girls!" I called out.

"Yes, Gingerbread?" Allana asked seriously.

"We've got to get rid of this-" I smiled holding The Charm Of Doom

"Ginny, I couldn't agree more," Emily agreed and Allana smiled.

We wandered around the castle, until a mysterious door appeared at the 7th floor.

"Come on, it could help us," Allana suggested.

We entered it. It was a place full of junk. I've never seen it before, you could find a Peppa pig doll here, for sure.

"It'll work-" I shrugged and threw away the necklace.

We didn't hear it land.

"It's all fine now," Emily sighed in relief.

"Really? We're the silver trio! Anything could happen to us just tomorrow!" Allana exclaimed.

"For the first time, I have to say it, Lucy's righ." I agreed, calling her Lucy on purpose.

"Yeah, well, good one" Emily chuckled.

We got through this adventure, though, I'm sure, it won't end just here. Trouble will forever find us.

And trust me,

I wouldn't change my life for anything else.


Guess what?!

It's O-V-E-R!

My second year is over! I will for sure be writing my third year, which will come out very soon!

Just if you were wondering: there's a picture on how we all look like right now.
And also...
I am 5'15
Allana is 5'3
And Emily's 5'1

Just saying!

See you soon,

-Ginny Weasley

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