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OK. So some people have told me that I should have more reader to author interaction. So me being the creative me, made ways in which all of you can have fun alongside reading my book. ( Not that that isn't so much fun already)

At the end of every chapter, I will put what day is it of the week. I have made activities for everyday that you guys will do after you read my chapter. You can only do the activity for the day on that day, for example, if i upload on Monday, and the activity for Monday is to do ten jumping jacks, then you could do ten jumping jacks. Not another activity for another day.

So here are all the activities.

MONDAY - a song a chapter:

I tell what song goes for that chapter, and you say if you agree or disagree in the comments below. If you disagree, tell me what song you think goes and I will check it out.

TUESDAY - tell a joke:

I tell a joke- lame, old, wacky, stereotypical, etc...- You...... laugh. And comment below any jokes of yours that you want on my book, and you never know.... they might just appear there with your Wattpad user name and a quick shout-out!

WEDNESDAY- wishing day:

Look up at the second star to the right and make a wish- whether it be of money or 10 more Wattpad followers- Then comment below on what you wished for. You never know.... it might just come true.

THURSDAY- ideas for the book:

OK. I admit.... this one is for me, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative. Go on! Think of wacky ideas for the future of this book. As many of my readers know that I..... SUCK at uploading at a neutral pace. I blame writers block. Actually no I don't. I'm just lazy. Eh!

FRIDAY- play list:

Some songs that are in your phone, MP3s', etc..., that you think best describe you. Plus the more you comment the more we strengthen this writer to reader relationship....so yea!

SATURDAY- Make a cover:

OK so this is my best idea yet! Go make a cool looking cover for this book. You can make it for free at Pixlr.com and then email it to me at : bluebubble.u@gmail.com

or send it to my Twitter account : @bluebubbleU

Go! Make wacky covers for me! All credits will be given in shout outs!

SUNDAY- preview of the next chap:

This will put all of you on edge. And no it wont be of the first paragraph. It will be of sentences throughout the whole chapter that I will fit together to make it look like something epic is about to happen, but when you read the actual chapter, you will all be like,"What the hell?! I thought Narmi would die back in the preview!"


OK So that's it. Follow me on Twitter, Wattpad,etc...

Hope to give you guys a better chap next time. Bye! - iamabluestar16 )

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