"We know that creative people have all sorts of demons"- Suzy Menkes

We've been on the road for about 5 hours. I was napping, while Ashton was driving, we hadn't stop for anything, well maybe for gas but that was pretty much it. I was getting sick of sitting in the car, we had to take a break again for gas. As I felt the car come a stop.

I was sitting in the car while Ashton went to go pay for the gas. I soon got tired and started to get out and walk around a bit. I needed to stretch out my legs. I started to walk around, just looking around the place we had stopped at. There was really not much to look at, I had no idea where we were at.

I soon started to walk further onto the road, I didn't walk to far from the car. But it ended being like that. I walked a little to far from the car and I was lost.

"For crying out loud," I say underneath my breath, I started to look around, how do you get lost when you go for a walk that isn't too far? I was just walking only a few feet away from the car. But somehow I managed too, I started to turn around and walk the way I came hoping that Ashton hadn't left yet. I mean if he did he would have passed by now.

As I was walking, back the way I came, I heard people talking.

"I'm tired, are we there yet?" I heard an Aussie say

"No, as if you can't see stupid, we are nowhere near town." I hear another one say


"Why are you complaining? Your not even walking! I'm carrying you." I hear another say

"I know but like I just want to be home by now" I turn around and half a mile away from me, I turned around to see the 3 idiots I have missed so much. I started to walk back towards them, that soon lead to fast walking than soon I was running towards them. They didn't even bother to look up at me.

"Isn't it weird how there isn't any cars?" I hear Calum say

"It's better this way" Luke tells him "You wouldn't be able to carry me and watch out for the cars that were coming"

"Remind me again why I'm carrying you"

"Because, you care too much about me" Calum rolled his eyes. "Yeah sure, it had nothing to with you complaining at all." Cal tells him sarcastically

I was so close to them, they still didn't look my way, until I saw Luke raise his head and look forward.

"Hey guys something is running towards us" he says squinting his eyes, both Calum and Michael looked to see who was running towards them.

"Is that?" Michael asks

"Either are minds are messing with us from being out here too long or that is who I think it is" Calum says

"Sammie!" All three boys yell out to me, I couldn't help but smile at them. They started to move fast, it was kind of funny seeing Calum semi-running to me with Luke on his back.

The first to reach me was Michael. He pulled me into a hug, and ended up somewhat picking me up.

"I missed you so much" he muffled into my shoulder.

"I missed you too." he soon let go and I went over to hug Calum, he ended up dropping Luke.

"Why did you do that?" He said in slightly pain

"I wanted to hug Sammie," he states wrapping me in his arms, I did the same "I'm so happy to see you, I don't think I could handle these idiots for another second." He whispered to me I ended up laughing.

Once I was out of Calum's arms, I went over to Luke who was still sitting on the ground.

"I see you saved the best for last, am I correct?" He wiggled his eyebrows, I rolled my eyes at him and help him up. "I wouldn't call it that, but whatever." I say as he starts to stand, I wrap my arms around his waist.

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