"The monster never dies"- Stephen King

As Zayn, Alex and Billi were sent back. Matthew and Dan were waiting for there arrival. They were seated in what look like to be a conference room

As the three walked in and took their seats, Matthew and Dan exchanged looks with each other than looked back to the other 3 members.

"Why are you looking at us like that?" Alex asked them.

"Because you guys screwed up, and badly." Dan tells them

"It was an accident"

"It's never an accident when you have to get the leader into it and clean your shit up" Matt spat out

"Hey, I like you to see you guys do a better job than us" Billi said slamming his fist down on the table.

"Oh but we have" Matt has a smug look on his face and begins to lay back in his.

"Oh really?" Zayn asks raising an eyebrow at him "Well let's see if you two did than"

Zayn begins to touch the table it lights up, Zayn started to type things into it and then it showed 2 separated videos that happened with Dan and Matthew.

"Let's see what Matt did, since he seems so confident in what he did" Alex tells Zayn, Zayn starts to play what happened with him and Ashton.


'Flash back..'

After Ashton ditched Sam, he went back onto the motorcycle. He went to a local drug store to get new back of cigarettes. Once he got what he needed he went back on his bike to drive wherever. He soon stopped near by a bar. He was hanging out side of it just smoking the cigs he had bought.

As he was taking a break, he heard footsteps coming near him. He didn't care who the person was, he could care less if they wanted kill him, rob him or whatever. Because he knew he could take them. But he soon became a little uneasy as he felt a presence.

"What are you doing here Matt?" He asked not turning to look at him.

"Ashton mate, what's up?" He says cheerily to him. Ashton wasn't in the mood for one of his games, he looked at him then looked straight head. He took another drag from his cig.

"So the silent treatment huh?" Matt asks him. "Well mind sharing a cig?" Ashton hands one to him and get his lighter out for him

"Thanks mate," he tells him after it got light. It was silent between the two.

"Are you going to tell me why you're hear?" Ashton asks after a while of the silence between the two.

"I came here to check up on you," Ashton turns to look at him

"Really? Or were you sent here because of what Michael did?"

"Maybe that as well"

"Well as if you guys say 'you know all' you should've known that Michael isn't here"

"I know, why do you think I came here for?"

"Oh, well we're is the other one? I know they wouldn't let you go on your own"

"Dan's with me but he went to go look for that human."

"Sammie?" Ashton said almost worried like but caught himself before it came out like that.

Matt raised an eyebrow at him "You call them by their names?"

"Yeah doesn't everyone?" He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

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