The Sleepover

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Omg echo I can't eat another bit Im stuffed me to said echo and then we were silint for a bit until I asked echo what she had whispered in my ear earlier that day and she said that's Andy biersack you can't like him he's one of the worest boys at our school and plus he's in 10th grade he'll never go for a 7th grader it will be bad for his reputation and plus he so adventurest  and emo and he has his own band called black veil brides he dose concerts from his garage every day after school so I asked echo were he lived and this was the most shocking he is my neighbor omg omg he lives right next to me I yelled echo said yes and then she had this dumb look on her face staring at something out my window so I turned around and saw Andy staring at me through his window and I forgot the window to my room was open so he could have heard everything so I just played everything cool like nothing happened and then walked over to my window and said hi to Andy and in a sexy deep voice he said hi new girl and then I noticed he only had a tell around his waist and his hair was wet and he just looked soooo sexy and then he asked what are you staring at and I jumped out of my daze and said ohh nothing and he said OK and everything went silent for only a few seconds till I blurted out do you want to come over and he had a dumb look on his face the I started to blush and he did to and then finally he said maybe tommorow I have to do homework right now so I said OK and we both said goodnight to each other and closed our windows I turned around to see echo with this look of wow like I just defeated a dragon and then I turned around to see Andy staring at me so I quickly turned so it wouldn't be awkward and then me and echo crawled into the beds and I turned the light off and took one last look at Andy then went to bed. Then the next day me and echo wake up and get ready for school we trow on some close and grave our bags but before we leave the room Andy shouts from his window Do u guys want a ride to school and I look at echo to see what she thinks and she nodes her head yes and the Andy said I'll be down in 5 mins OK and I said OK and ran down to tell my mom that me and echo were going with Andy to school and she asked what what Andy and I told her Andy biersack he goes to my school and she said honey I have to speak with you after school about that boy but for today yes you can ride with him so me and echo ran out the door and we saw Andy standing next to a black mustang (my fave car) and then he opens the door for me and echo I got the front and echo sat in the back and when Andy got to the other side of the car and got in and said do u guys ant to have some fun and me and echo looked at each other and then noded and he said cool so we drove off and went to grave Andy's best friend Bruce and then we all went to the mall the whole time Bruce was flirting with echo and me and adny were getting to know each other and then we at at the food court and looked around the mall and we went to a tatoo place and Andy talked MW into getting a tattoo and a piercing I asked him what i should get and he said his bands name black viel brides and a batman simbul and snack bit piercings and it hurt so bad but Andy held my hand the whole time and when it was over we all went over to my house and played games but then everything got awkward.......

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