Chapter 4

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Julia's P.O.V

I didn't want to sign autographs today I just wanted to spend time with my dad after that was done we all sat back down to see my dad out said talking great did he not see me and the girls perform.

"Joe did my dad watch us sing?" I asked

"No Julia he got a call from his girlfriend sorry" Joe said u got up and walked out this isn't the first time he has done this but whatever I walk outside my dad didnt see me I kept walking having  no idea where I'm going but I just wanna leave. Cause obviously his Girlfriend is more important to him then his own daughter that he hasn't seen in months.

Jon P.O.V (Dean)

I walked back inside and sat down everyone was quiet and just looked at me I saw an empty seat where in the hell is Julia

"Guys where is julia?" They all looked at me then looked down nobody said anything I asked again and the same thing happened I asked one last time.

"Dude she left she got mad" Colby told me

"Mad at what" I'm pissed she just walked out on us -.-

"YOU!!" They all shouted at me shit what did I do

"What did I do?"

"You walked out on your daughter performance to talk to Renee like shit jon she could've waited!" Joe said angry I got up and walked out thinking about what I did Joe's right Renee could've waited and the worst part is that Renee and Julia don't like each other ugh this is hard as I kept walking I saw blue and black hair it was Julia!

"Hey julia" I sat down next to her she just looked at me.

"Leave me alone dad I don't want to speak to you"she said this is the first time she has said that to me

"Listen Julia I'm sorry i-"

"No dad you listen if your little girlfriend is more important to you that ur own blood then that's fine cause I'm going to go do interviews till I leave again I really don't wanna deal with u. At least Mom paid a little attention to me!" I stood quite she looked at me then walked back to the car where they were all waiting I feel so disappointed I should have never done that now Julia hates me ugh

Rena's P.O.V.

I saw Julia walk towards us she didn't say anything she just sat in the car with her head phones and song book ohhh new song coming up I guess

"Hey Julia you okay?"

"Yup I'm okay why" she said with a smile I guess she is okay but were is Jon?

Julia's P.O.V.

I just remember that we are going back to my home town this week for raw I can't wait to go back home and get on my bed and sleep forever hehe I seen my dad get in the car with us I saw Cobly stop some where and guess who's coming with us to Vegas yup Renee yay!(hint the sarcasm)

She got in the car and sat next to dad I'm no longer happy ugh . she always has to come everywhere with us Cobly dropped us off at the airport "Bye guys!!" I yelled "bye!!!" Cobly screamed as loud as he can I couldn't help but laugh we did the whole airport thing and got our seats this was going to be along plane ride

-Few hours later-

Finally I'm home! Oh how I missed this place so much I got into my dads car as we drove off Renee and dad kept laughing like shut up once my dad pulled into the drive way I got out and grabbed my bags  he unlocked the house I ran to my room not wanting to talk to any of them this is going to be a long week

Hey guys if there is spelling error sorry anyways enjoy also no hate to Renee I just needed some one and she came to mind comment what u think

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