I was walking behind him when another call came on my phone & answered back the call. When i raise my eyes to follow him, in a moment he vanished .

While talking on phone,  unknowingly opened the glass door of his cabin and what I saw made my mouth broadly open and I got stuck on door.

After hugging him so hard jenn said," Ken... I love you.. i love you .. i love you..".

Ken interrupted "yeah.. yeah yeah.. i get it".
Both of them smile and she continued, " thank you so much for yesterday night".

" I'm glad you like it so much " he smiled again with blush.

After seeing his face I turned back and walked towards my place, "ok okay we'll continue this conversation later",disconnected the call.

Now as it was fully confirmed that she is his girlfriend. I was bit upset and then i saw them close through the glass wall in front of me.

'They looked so much in love together. I thought, I was bit late. '

Wait.. what I just said to myself. Late .. i don't even like him at all why am I feeling so low. I hate him and will make every possible move to make him believe that he is the worst person alive.

'But why ?' My innermost pure peaceful mind said to me.

'Shut up you.. pure mind', my devil mind interrupted before I could say something,' what if he has done nothing.. he is the one who will get her out of this company'.

'What about the calls she is getting for the interview...and she is rejecting them all', peaceful said to devil minded, ' you know why??'

' because she wants to take revenge from ken' devil replied.

'No... because she doesn't want to leave, this place'.

" Shut up you both ", closed my eyes and raise my hand to make them flew away in air. Then all of sudden my gaze turned to ken's cabin. Jenn was again seducing him and Ken was enjoying it as his smile on his face was visible .

Suddenly she threw him on couch and he turned to see me which puzzled me of what just happened and instantly looked at my desk pretending to be in a deep thought.

Now both of them sat down and this time they were talking nicely except the same weirdness from Jenn.

I continued doing my work and they looked like having an argue for some reason. Meanwhile Ashley enters  inside my room and asked to come for practice.

"Right now I have very urgent meeting with a client ", without making any eye contact, l lied then explained, " and I don't wanna dance with him anymore ".

" what the hell.?", Ashley annoyingly said and made me look on her face.

Before she could say more I saw Ken and jenn coming out of their room and then their respective legs were turning towards my cabin instantly I whisper ,"hell no..".

"Now.. what..!!", she looked in my eyes direction and turned to look on the door.

"Hey ash.. so what's happening .?" Ken cheerfully asked her.

She looked at him then at me and then again turned her gaze to him, " am...mm. ..i was..aa..asking ".

"How is your dance practice going on with max.?"Ken interrupted her and asked.

"Oh that... that's going well .. no actually amazingly well " ash replied.

" dance.. practice.. what's happening ??", Jenn inquire .

" sorry.. you.???", Ashley's eyes went narrower.

"Oh .. I'm so sorry for not introducing myself ", she walked ahead and pulled her hand to shake, " I'm Jennifer Stone but you can call me Jenn".

"Oh...hi ",she greets her back by shaking her hand, " Actually we're having a dance competition here with our business partners ".
" that seems fun", she continued " so you people are participating ".
"Yeah but kaira is bit busy".
"That's fine I can accompany him in replacement of kaira".
"But why.? Who told you that I'm not participating " I showed her my anger with my eyes.
"Ok then after 1 hr  I'll meet you in hall..ok bye", Ashley said and raised her hand to say goodbye.

I started feeling awkward in front of both of them inside my cabin. I call her loudly after taking my gaze away from them ," ashley. .Ashley listen to me.." pretended to have an urgent work.

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