December 9th, 1882
{Christine's P.O.V}

I feel Erik stir slightly in the bed, waking me. I hear him groan & I feel his arms leave their place on my waist as he stretches.

"Good morning, Erik." I say groggily, turning to face him.

"Good morning, my love." he replies.

I feel myself pulling away as he leans down to kiss me. My breathing becomes rugged.

"What's wrong, mon ange?" he asks, gently brushing a curl away from my face.

"N-nothing." I lie.

"Christine, if you're not comfortable with something, you can tell me." he says understandingly.

"No, no I am but I just-" It's been hard trying to express my feelings latley. Erik says that it's normal for me to be like this after my awful year.

"It's alright." he says as he starts to get up. I grab his arm & pull him down into a passionate kiss.

We pull away breathless. "Thank you." he says chuckilng as he gets up.

I love Erik more than anything but I feel terrible that I cannot express to him just how great my love for him is. To be completly honest, I'm scared. I'm scared that Erik will leave me for someone better than me. It's just a matter of time before Erik begins to see all of my awful flaws.

Living together hasn't been the easiest for him either. I tell him not to wear his mask around me but he still doesn't see all the beauty that I see. Sometimes he tells me he has to keep it on, which I completly understand. Erik doesn't share a lot about his past but I can tell that it was because of the people of his past that he's the broken man that he is.

As Erik goes to take a bath, I get dressed & go into the kitchen to make us breakfast. He always hates letting me cook & do chores around the flat. He insists that he can do all these things by himself to save me the trouble but when he's doing something else, I always try to help out in some way.

Just as I put the food on the table, Erik walks out of the bedroom.

"You made breakfast?" he asks walking over to me.

I nod nervously. I feel him leave a light kiss behind my ear, giving me chills.

"Well, thank you, my love." he whispers, pulling out my chair for me.

"You treat me too well, Erik." I say, shame laced in my voice.

"Christine, please don't do this." he sighs, kneeling beside me.

"It's true. I-I don't deserve you b-b-but I love you & I wish that I could be better for you. I wish I could be beautiful for you. I wish I could be smart for you & be the p-perfect woman that you deserve." I didn't dare look at him. I kept my eyes on the table but as I finished speaking, I couldn't hold back my sobs any longer. I buried my face in my hands & prayed for him to forget everything I just said. I felt Erik pry my hands away from my face. He looked at me with tear-filled eyes & leans forward & gently kisses away all the tears on my cheeks.

"Oh, Christine," he said pulling back "What did he do to you?"

He brought me close to him as I sobbed uncontrollably. I wrapped my arms around him & buried my face in his neck.

"I love you." I told him.

"God, you don not know how much I love you, Christine" he murmmured.

I moved my hand from the back of his neck to the deformed side of his face. I gently stroked it & I felt myself calming down. He was the only one who could save me from the tortures of my past. Every night when I woke up screaming, he was there, ready to hold me & whisper words of love into my ear. Whenever I looked into the mirror he was always there to make a remark about how beautiful he thought I was. He was my savior, he was my life.

Author's Note: Thank you all so much for all the support that has been given to me! I don't think it has even been a week since I published the prologue & I already have more than 200 reads! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Hope you enjoyed this chapter :)

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