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...my ex boyfriend max.
He came in al furious and he looked like he was going to kill a man tonight. I warned cameron and he said
"If he touches you he will regret it."
"Thanks Cam" I blushed

Max walks over to us and shouts
"What the hell are you doing your mine and your only mine this douche bag isn't even worth it"
"1 he is worthy it because of never did this to me before all we did I'd hang out at your house we Never went out on a date this right here is a date and 2 I'm his and I'm only his " i shout back

Cameron's POV

she was defending me and she said she was mine and only mine. I felt so happy and I defended my self and her.
"Get the hell out dude she wants me obviously not you she deserves someone better than you de is beautiful I bet you man ever even complimented her but are you crazy she is a a beautiful goddess and she deserves to be appreciated." I defended
Before I knew it I fell to the ground and her some one shout "call an ambulance

Melody POV
I was in tears cameron was at the hospital because of me. I cried and than the nurse came out and she asked me how did he get shot and I explained to her that my ex boy friend shot him while cameron and I were on a date.
The nurse asked "would you like to see
"yes of course" i exclaim to her
as we walk to the room she was in a coma and that he was shout right above the shoulder and didn't hit any bones.
I walked in side and saw cameron he was pal as I sat next to him I held his hand and all the doctors/nurses left for us to be alone.
"Hi Cameron you probably can't here me but."

Cameron's pov
It's was white and I walked to the room heard melody tell me that how she couldn't heard me but even tho we had one date she loved every single moment of it because she had been treated right and she said she might have found the one for her and she said the most wonderful thing ever
"I love you Cameron"
I was thinking to myself
"Make it Cameron make it"
I kept repeating it to myself and finally I squeezed her hand. she immediately called for a nurse and o was able to go home at 1 am tonight.

Melody pov
After I was done with my speech he squeezed my and and I called the nurse in Happiness and she said he could go home with me at 1am

"Cam you wanna stay at my place Until you feel better my parents are on a cruise line for work and I'm home alone so you cou-" I got cut off
"I would be happy to" he laughed

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