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Katniss Pov

Walking threw the corridors to my locker i hear endless names being thrown at me.





I clench my fists and tighten my grip on my satchel as i walk past groups laughing at me or looking disgusted as if i'm not worthy of them. This has happened to me since that fateful day, and my life got even worse. This has been going on for 2 years but the rumors first started 5 years ago when i was 11. Those words sound like compliments compared to what some of them call me. Strolling past stray students i come to my vandalized locker and pull on the lock then flinch as it falls off its hinges and clashes to the floor. Sighing i grab the few items i had in there and put them in my bag, glad it's the last lesson of the day. I then lean my head against the corner of my locker, close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Pushing of my locker i walk into class and take a seat alone in the corner of the back. I used to love sitting at the front but then people began throwing things at me. I then tried sitting next to the windows but everyone would laugh as the wind would blow my papers around the class for students to step on and out the window. I sit quietly even though i remember what happened the first time i did that in homeroom.


"Aww, look Marvel", Glimmer mocked "the cheap freak can't even afford a reading book, oh and look", she says grabbing the paper i was writing on. I clench my fists and grit my teeth. "Ha, she wrights about her "days in the freedom of nature" with her pathetic dead sister", she says with venom.

That's to far. Jumping up i grab the paper, shove Marvel to the floor then throw Glimmer up against the wall. Putting my forearm against her throat, i pin her to the wall and start hitting her. No-one talks about...about...

No-one has the right to say that about an angelic and innocent girl. I scowl at her as i stop to catch my breath before being thrown to the floor by Marvel. I then feel a sharp pain hit my stomach and i struggle to get up. Tackling the boy to the floor, we begin wrestling but to me this is not game. This is how to kick a guys as-

"Katniss get up right now. What the hell do you think your doing you stupid girl?!", our teacher Mrs Mellark says before roughly grabbing my arm and shoving me off Marvel. "I'm sick off your attitude you pathetic seam rat".


Sighing i try to think of the positives like she did but it never works. Soon our names get called and school ends. When i hear one more name be thrown at me as i leave the building and it hurts more than the others because all i've ever done was be honest.

"Liar", i break, walking out of school i hold my head up high but the further i go i begin to jog before breaking into a run. I sprint all the way to a hill about a mile from my meadow and collapse at the top breaking into sobs as tears soak my face. I close my eyes tight willing the nightmares to leave, the screams of her in pain, the burns as i watched her die in horror and agony as the flames engulfed her small body, and the only person i had left decided to leave me. This is the place where i was left alone, where i lost hope.

I can't do this anymore. I have to go.

So what do you think? Should i continue? This is my first everlark in high school but i've got a lot of ideas for the next few chapters. Please read, vote and comment. :)

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