Chapter 2 What the hell?

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*Seth POV* 

We arrived at our next location Clara was still in her slumber her bruising more pronounced on her tiny face, Dean picked her up carrying her through the hotel luckily there were no fans camped outside making our life a little easier. Once we checked in Dean laid her down on a bed.  

"man she looks bad, Roman grab the disinfectent," Dean rest her between his legs her head rest against his chest, we clean her visible wounds on her face, hands and knees. Hours later she started to stir. 

" head...where am I? This isn't my appartment..." She froze when she saw me attending her wounds under her shirt. 

"What the frikin hell?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? And what are you doing?" 

I put my gloved hands up in surrender Dean and Roman came into the room hearing the commotion. 

"Hay Hay Clara you were hurt and we took care of you." She nodded her head remembering the night before.

"Oh yeah, i kind of remember wait oh...yeah...the attack." Her eyes looked down. "Wait you guys are not human i remember that much." Clara shift backed up against the head board. 

"Babygirl we won't hurt...if we meant you harm you would no about it by now." She grunted toward Roman. 

"OK fine whatever...i'm loosing my mind. please just take me home." She crossed her arms over her chest she winced at the this motion of movement. 

"No can do princess we are atleast five hours away." Her face fell slacked. 

"You can't just kidnap me from my pathetic life that i quite like." She almost yelled. 

"Ok ok we can take you back after our matches if you want to go back, but that will happen in two weeks." Dean spoke out, she let out a sigh.

"Fine whatever!" She got up running to the bathroom locking the dorr behind her.

"Good going Dean!" I hit him round the head. 

"I'll talk to her." Roman stepped forward. 

"Ok, but just so you know her ribs are badly bruised and..." Then we heard a scream. 

"What the hell, why do i have what looks like a knife wound in my side." Clara yelled.

"Yeah then theres that..." We raced to the door. 

"You two go, i'll deal with it, go get ready for our match." 

Dean and I left Roman at the bathroom door, i looked back towards Roman with a look of 'I hope you know what your doing' then i left them alone.

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