EnderShade-Endermen Have Friends After All

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Name: EnderShade

Age: 15

Looks: Black Spandex, Blue hair to knees, bangs cover right eye, headphones like Deadlox's but purple instead of green because of amethyst, baby blue colored shoes up to knees, blue jacket with crescent moon on front, white long sleeved shirt underneath jacket

Personality: Doesn't talk very much, loner, good at archery, loves Enderman

History: As a small child, she wandered away from her parents, chasing a mysterious tall black creature that led her away from her village. He was protecting her from a zombie attack that he had managed to overhear of. When he abruptly disappeared, EnderShade made her way back home, only to find it destroyed. The Enderman showed up again, explaining that there was only time to save one, which was her. Determined, she picked up a gold (COUGH, budder) sword and vowed to survive. She befriended the Endermen, enough to where she could even look them in the eyes. She learned many things with a friend at her side.

Stories starred in:Endermen Have Friends After All

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