All alone

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It was now lunch time and as I had no friends I sat alone. Maybe if I sat on a table eventually someone would sit next to me but they didn't. People glared at me with discussed as they walked past avoiding me as if I was nothing.

"They are all so rude," I muttered under my breath with such hatred. I don't know why I even cared. Why did I? I'm Imogen and I can go alone. Well that's what I kept telling myself.
It's hard going alone. You bottle all your feelings up, you have no one to talk to. Sometimes I feel like a crazy person thinking about these things. I guess even if I did have a friend I probably wouldn't tell them about what I think because it would frighten them away. Ohwell.

I finished my food and went to drop my tray off. But being me, I always seem to embarrass myself and this time I didn't disappoint as I found my self on the floor. A girl from a table I walked past tripped me over and I went face first into the bit of veg and gravy left on my plate. At least this time it wasn't completely my fault I became a laughing stock.

"Urgh, why did you do that?!," I ask, while trying not to look like a complete idiot.

She flickered her eyelashes and smirked,"Do what?" Her eyebrow lifted curiously and everyone of her little minions laughed (minions being girls that followed her). Her sarcasm hurt and I knew it would leave a scar.

"Forget it," I had to say something as I quickly walked away, avoiding anymore accidents.

While walking away she shouted,"I'm Julia Roberts and this is my school." I felt scared as the first day of school had never been this bad. I hope tomorrow would be better.
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