Bai pov
We wanted to do something evil today so we smack camed lox that she was up and Ali was uploading the hole devious plot while we were sprinting.
Cam pov
I was going to go see if everyone was up when Bai and Ali ran in to our room. What is wrong with ya'll?lox . Run. Smack camed. Oh OK I said. Run lox is flash they were gone out the door vanished.
Lox pov
I was chasing Ali and Bai down the hall.part of my scheme. Yep they opened our room and got splashed bye a rainfall of water. i burst out lmao .they started laughing to.

Bai pov

OK lets call it a truce and go to breakfast. deal we all said. we got ready and basically we all had about the something on. high waists shorts. me hoodie on and ponytail. zayum you look hot we all said at the same time.we headed down to the caf'e. the boys were already there so we sat there. i went to to go order,i looked back and they were surrounded bye people. hey a voice said. hi i turned around to look at a hot guy. my name is Lucas Bernardini. my name is bailey espinosa. so your an espinosa. he asked hey i said sadly. that's OK. like you, can i have your number. sure want to go to Starbucks across the street. sure he said lets go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------at Starbucks--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

so whats your favorite color he asked. turquoise. no way Lucas said mine too.after an hour i said bye. i walking when my phone beeped. dang 22 mised tex 52 missed calls. opps.

matt p[ov

its been a hour since we have seen bai.and im steaming worried everyone could sence it too. this is not going to turn out well.

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