You Fight (Zayn)

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This one was a little short because I had writer's block and I didn't want to go to tumblr and get one because #ORIGINAL

So, please enjoy this short one and I'll try to work on a longer one :)

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"Shit, (Y/N) not again," Zayn groans, making you raise your eyebrow at his attitude.

"Excuse me? I just want to know why your lips were on your her cheek!" You exclaim, tossing the magazine which had the picture of Zayn and another girl looking cozy on the cover of it.

He sighs, as he glances at the magazine on the table between you two.

"She's just a friend, nothing more," He says, staring solemnly at you.

Your teary eyes glance up to the man you fell in love with. The man that asked you to move in with him in a decent-sized house and you gladly accepted, leaving your family's warnings behind you.

"Explain this to me then," Your voice shakes, as you unlock your phone, revealing a picture of the other girl in her bikini, posing flirtatiously.

"What the fuck? How'd you-" He starts to widen his eyes, glancing at your phone's screen then back at you.

"She 'accidentally' sent it to me, before texting me that it was meant for you," You shake your head in disgust.

"I've never seen that picture before," He says, and you refrain from bursting out crying at his lies.

"Want to know who's right next to her?" You say, before zooming in on the figure next to her; a guy in familiar swimming trunks with sunglasses and a messy quiff.

"Wonder who has those exact same tattoos. Must've just been a coincidence," You shrug, your bitter voice making Zayn purse his lips.

"It's me, alright? I was there with her. We were just hanging by the beach," He protests, as you lock your phone and wipe your tears away.

You don't reply to him, as you walk out the door and take big steps towards the front door, ignoring his calls.

"Fuck, (Y/N), just turn around and talk to me!" He yells, as his arms grasp your elbows from behind and force you to turn around.

"Y-You're hurting me," You whisper, his hands still grasping your elbows tightly.

He stares at you for a couple of seconds, then lets go and you take the opportunity to turn around and put your coat on.

"Where are you going? It's late," His voice is more calmer now, and you refuse to meet his hazel eyes, which would make your knees go weak.

"I'm going somewhere far away," You stutter, tears already falling down your face, as you laced up your boots.

"If think I'm going to let you go, then you're wrong. I'm not," He stands in front of the door and crosses his arms stubbornly.

"Zayn, let me go. You've obviously found someone better and-" You couldn't continue because you burst into loud sobs at the realization, burying your face in your hands.

"(Y/N), listen to me. I was such an idiot, she really means nothing to me. I don't feel anything with her. You're everything to me," He says to you, his soft voice making your heart flutter.

"You-You don't even love me anymore," You say, as he lowers you onto the floor with him.

He pulls your hands away, to reveal your tear-stained, puffy-eyed face to him. His hazel eyes search yours, as he holds your hand in his.

"Fucking hell, (Y/N)! I love you more than I could love anyone in the whole world," He says, pulling you into a hug, caressing your tear-stained cheek.

"She's gone now and I really want you to stay," He says, and you look up at him.

"Stay?" He asks, his eyes turning glossy, as you feel his heart beat increase as your ear presses against his chest.

"I will," You whisper, and he tilts your chin up to plant his lips on yours in a passionate kiss.




I really can't believe Eleanour and Louis are over. And that Zayn really left 1D.

It all seems like a bad dream. I can't imagine a 5th album without Zayn's high notes in it...

But I still support them and him, no matter what. If he really felt like he was sick, then he needed to rest.



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