Chapter 6

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Bella's pov

When I woke up I jumped up out of the bed and I was so scared because everything had increased my vision, my hearing and even my speed and so I back up to a wall and I looked around the room but I didn't see anyone but then thought to myself oh my got I'm hungry and then I felt my throat get a pain in it and so I moved my hands to my throat and as I did I smelt something so delicious.

So I ran out of the room and I followed the smell to the thrown room and I pushed the doors open and as I did I saw 2 humans and 2 children standing in the middle of the room and I wanted their blood so badly so I ran to them and I jumped on top of the male and I bit into his neck and I sucked the blood from him and as I did I could hear the other humans screaming but I didn't care and so once the males blood was done he fell to the ground.

Then I ran to the female and I jumped at her neck and bit into it grabbed her arms to keep her still and I drank from her neck and the blood tasted so yummy and so I finished the blood from the woman in seconds and then she fell to the ground and I heard the kids screaming so I ran at them and as I was around to finish them to Aro my father shouted Jane, Alec contain her now.

So then both Jane and Alec said of course master and ran over to me and grabbed my arms and kept me from getting at the kids and so I struggled and tried to get free and as I did uncle Marcus said Felix, Santiago finish the kids now and both Felix and Santiago said sure master but I want them I wanted their blood so I growled and said don't you dare they are mine and Felix said sorry Bella and I just lost it I got loose from Jane and Alec and I ran at Felix and Santiago and I looked at them both.

Then I said stand still and so both of them stood there not moving and so I smiled and said looking at the whole room do not stop me and then I ran over to the the kids and I saw they were scared and I said I'm sorry but I'm hungry so hungry and I bit into one of their necks and I drank the blood and then the child fell to the ground and then I moved onto the other child and I said have a good after life young one and I bit into the kids neck and I drank the yummy blood.

So when I was done I smiled and said to my family you may move and then just like that they all moved but they were not happy at me and so dad said Felix, Chelsea, Afton, Demetri sort the bodies please and the 4 of the said ok master and they all grabbed one of the dead bodies and left the room and then my dad and uncles looked at my and uncle Marcus said so you can control people that's good to know and I said yeah I can.

Then my dad said 3 rules Bella the first rule you will not use your power on anyone inside the Volturi 2 you will not go off on a rampage ever again and 3 you will listen to me and your uncles and you will do as your told because if you don't you will be punished now do you understand and I said yes daddy I'm sorry but I was just so hungry and dad said yeah I know and then I remember my son.

So I said daddy where is my son and my dad said he's somewhere in this castle but I don't think you should see him yet and I said what why not and uncle Marcus said Bella you have just woke and after what we saw with them humans you haven't got very mush control over blood yet and I said what no that's not fair I want to see my son take me to my son and just then I gasped because I realised I had ordered him which I was told not to do but my dad was in a trance at the minute so he wouldn't know.

Then my dad said ok fine Bella now Jane, Alec take Bella to her to her kids and I gasped and said kids and Jane said yes kids we had to cut you open when you past out we realised you had another child in you and I smiled and said take me to them now or I'll punish you like you all would me and then I gasped again because I had just ordered my brother and sister oh man I am going to be in so much trouble but both Jane and Alec said of course follow us and so they started walking and then I followed them out of the thrown room and they took me upstairs to a small room on the same side as my room and I knew I was finally going to see my kids.

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