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-Taylor's pov-

Nash and I quickly rushed to my car, following the ambulance. I can't think straight right now. I'm freaking out! I have so many questions running through my head; why did she do it? What was the reason she stopped being herself? Why were they bullying her? What if she doesn't make it? Etc.

Once we got there they made Nash and I sit in the waiting room. Honestly I don't know what to say or do right now. "Hey bro she's going to be fine they're going to help her" Nash says with a shaky voice as if he were holding back the tears. "I know, but what if they don't?" I say looking up from my hands with water in my eyes.

"They will. Trust me" Nash says reasuring me that she is ok. But wait she's not ok. She's never been ok. How have we all been so blind? There's the reason she didn't want to go swimming that day. There's a reason why she wore a sweatshirt at six flags in 100° weather. That's the reason. Oh my God.

I was soon interrupted by the guys coming in. "Aye are you ok?" Cam asks. "Yea I'm good, a little worried tho" I reply. "Um Mr. Caniff?" A nurse asks. "Yea I am right here" I reply as I turn around and start walking toward her. "You can go see her now, but we are afraid she's not in a very stable condition" the nurse says. I feel my eyes water so I bite my lip and answer with a simple "ok".

I walk into the hostpital room and see her laying there, lifeless. I walk over and bring a chair next to her bed. I grab her hand. "Hey baby" I say softly. "You're so beautiful. Even like this, in the hostpital. I hate to see you like this though. Nash told me what happened" at this point a tear slowly slides down my cheek. "I don't know what to say. I love you. I can't live without you. I don't know if you can hear me right now, but I care a lot. I really do. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me" I say. I stay quiet for a few moments before I speak again.

"You know I haven't had the perfect life either. I know how you feel. I grew up in a place where I didn't have money or nice parents for example. I practically lived on the streets until I moved in with a friend. I know how it feels to be alone, to not have anyone to talk to. I know how it feels to be left out and mistreated. I understand" I say. I haven't really told anyone this stuff to be honest. I feel that I can trust her. "You know when I first laid eyes on you. I felt at home. And that's a feeling that I've never had considering I didn't actually have a home. I knew that you would be somethind special" I say and slowly breath out.

"And you are"

I stopped talking. I slowly turned her arm, seeing all her scars. "Such a beautiful girl. Why?" I say with tears in my eyes. I slowly and softly drag my hands up her arm. I start to let tears fall as I lean down to kiss her scars. I love her so much. I lean back up and put my head down. I start to cry. After a minute or so the guys walk in. "Knock knock" Nash says quietly entering the room with the guys following behind. I didn't even lift up my head, I couldn't. "It's ok bro" Jack j says quietly.
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