Chapter three

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As I got home I told my dad about me finding the Venturiantale crew, he did not seem too happy about this.
"They don't live in Ohio Sadie, get over yourself " my dad said annoyed at me
"Why? Why do you hate them? Why do I feel your hiding something from me?" I said
My dad just walked into his room and slammed the door..
I will find out what he is hiding from me, just you wait.
~Le time skip to next day~
I woke up this morning with a note on my table, from my dad?
It said
I have gone for a few days to find a new home, as I think it's fair for you to have your own place now.
I was angry, I knew what he was doing he was trying to get away so I don't know the truth, but don't he worry I'll find out what he's hiding from me...Somehow
As I got ready for work, got into my car and drove to the hospital.
I had been sent to do a check up on someone who got hit by car, the paramedics gave me a form with the patents information... Wait.. Bethany Frye? I rubbed my eyes and looked again it said Bethany Frye....
I'm here to work, not to fangirl conceal it, don't feel it...

(A/N I'm going to leave this chapter on an awful frozen reference 😂)

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