Gray Fullbuster x Reader

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" 'Morning Mira!" You yelled at the barwoman. "Goodmorning (Y/N)! Slept well?" She replied. You nodded excited. You looked around, checking if anyone was in hearing range. "I had a dream again, about him." Mira just nodded and said, "You have to tell him (Y/N). If you dont it might get worse." Mira said. "Worse? I love the dreams I have." You said in disbelief. "Yes, but maybe, you'll get to talk and walk in your sleep and with all your sleepovers..." "I get your point. But how do I have to tell him. I mean... It's not like I can go to him and say; Hey Gray, wanne go on a date with me?" "Sure, (Y/N)" A voice said from behind you. Your eyes widened. "G.. Gray.. What are you doing here?" You asked while turning to face the Ice-mage. "This is also my guild, remember?" He said to you as you blushed because of your stupid question. "Y.. Yeah, how could I possibly forget? You fight every hour again and again and again..." Gray laughed when you stayed babbling on. "So," He interrupted you. "You said something about a date?" Your face flushed red. You had hoped he would just let it pass. "Y..yes." You replied. "Good, I thought I heard wrong for a second." "N.. No you didn't." You stuttered a little ad tried to dim your blush. "Good, tonight? I'll pick you up at 7." He said and you nodded before he walked off. Then you turned back to Mira. "Why didn't you tell me he stood right behind me?" You said with a serious look on your face. "Aren't you happy I didn't? Now you have a date with him." Mira replied and smiled widely. "Sometimes you are so troublesome..." You sighed. "Hey, (Y/N)." Cana, one of your best friends just popped up behind you. "Hey Cana." You greeted. "So, I heard you have a date with Gray tonight huh?" She said raising an eyebrow and smirking. "Yeah yeah, how do you know this time? Heard conversation, or already rumours?" You asked Cana. "Heard your conversation." Cana looked around. "Now you're saying it. I have to tell everyone." She said and walked up to Macao and Wakaba. "Cana!" You growled annoyed, while a nerve popped on your forhead. Then you sighed. "I'm going back home..." "Are you already going to get ready for your date with Gray?" Mira asked you. "Maybe..." You said and left the guild.

*Time skip, to 7 o' clock*

The bell rang. You were wearing a (F/C) shirt, a blue jeans and with (F/C) sneakers.

You opened the door just to see Gray standing there. Also in usual clothes. You sighed in relief. You didn't want to wear a dress because you dont like them, and you hoped that Gray wouldn't wear a smoking or something like that. "Hey, (Y/N). Are you ready?" Gray asked you. He seemed a little nervous. "Hey Gray, yeah sure..." You said, also a little nervous. Just because he was. Gray held out his hand. "Well then what are we waiting for? Let's go." You took his hand gratefully and stepped outside, while closing the door.

You and Gray started walking. "Uhm, Gray, where are we going?" Gray stopped in his tracks. "A surprise." He said and took a blindfold out of his pocket and put it in front of your eyes. When you couldn't see anything, Gray suddenly picked you up. "G.. Gray what are you doing?" You asked. "Just relax." He said and started walking.

*Later that evening*

"We are here." Gray said and put you down. Then he took the blindfold away, revealing a blanket with a picknick, lit by a candle. "Come, sit down." Gray said and walked to the blanket.

You followed and you two started eating.

After a while of eating, talking and laughing, Gray lied down on his back. You lied down next to him. "Look at the sky..." Gray said to you. You looked up and you saw a beautiful dark sky with a lot of stars. "It's beautiful." "Not as beautiful as you though." You blushed at his words. You heard him chuckle. "You are so cute when you blush." "Gray, this is so out of character for you." You said. "Yea, but you like it, dont ya'?" "M... maybe..." You said to him. "I take that as a yes..."

You blushed even harder.

"S..stop it!" Gray laughed at your reaction.

After a few minutes of looking up at the sky in a nice silence... Gray broke the silence. "(Y/N)?" He asked. "Hm, yes Gray?"

"I have to tell you something..."

"What is it?"

He bowed his face towards your ear. "I really really like you, (Y/N)." He told you. Instead of saying anything, you turned to face him, and kissed him.

He inmediately kissed back.

When the two of you pulled back for air, Gray smirked. "Does that mean that I'm your boyfriend now?"

"I guess so."

"Good." And he kissed you again.

It was a fantastic evening.

When Mira heard you two were dating, she really started fangirling.


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