Chapter 2

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I went straight to my locker and got my stuff. I was walking when I tripped. Or should I say got tripped.

"Nice to see you today Rai, how's the weather down there?" Said Brook.

Brook is the queen bee, the princess. She acted as if she ran the whole school. She was very um... rude? I guess that's how I can put it in the nicest way. Her sidekick was Jace, the captain of the basketball team. At first he was nice and I guess he just started hanging out with Brook and they both decided to make my life miserable. I slowly got up and patted my pockets for my phone but it was no where to be found.

"Wow it doesn't look like you have much friends, by your contact list. But wait, who is this? Ross Lynch is one of your contacts? How much did you beg him for that?" Brook asked, smirking. She had my phone in her hands going through my contacts. I don't have anything to hide but that little phone means the world to me.

"Please just give it to me." I said.

"You want it? Here." She said and threw my phone to the ground, but before I could reach it she raised her foot up and smashed the device. My new phone was being stomped on.

"Please stop!! That's my new phone!!!" I yelled.

"You know there was nothing important on there." She said still having that annoying smirk on her stupid face. I turned to walk away again but only to be tripped again. This time I didn't catch myself and landed right on my face.

"Okay that's enough!" Someone yelled. Everyone fled to the classrooms hoping to not get into any trouble for watching what just happened. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I had a bloody nose and a black eye. I also had a big bruise on my forehead. I went to the office and they checked me out.

Some how they found a huge gash on my neck which really hurt. They excused me from school so I could go to the hospital. I waited a while for one of my family member to come and get me. I wondered which one of my family members are going to get me. I waited awhile and then the nurse came and got me.

When I got out I saw Ellington sitting in one of the chairs, there waiting for me. When he saw me he stood up.

"What happen to you?" He asked, examining my neck.

"I'll tell you in the car." I said.

He took me to the car and I explained to him what happened. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the hospital. When we get there, we get out and head inside. They take me into a hospital room and I get stitches and now we are in the car driving home.

"Ellington what if I told you, that in a way my life was so horrible that my brain automatically thinks I should kill myself?" I asked him. He just looked at me then looked at the road. Searching for an answer to give me.

"Um I don't know what to say." He said shocked at the random question I blurted out.
It took him awhile to think of something. But then he said,

"Well I would give you a hug first of course. I try to talk you through everything. Have you tell me everything that's going on. Your feelings and your problems. I'd tell you that I'm here for you and so are your siblings. Of course I would have to tell your family or something. I mean it is a really big deal."

I just nodded and looked out the window. When we got to the house I hopped out and went to the front door. Before I could get to the door, it swung open and Ross was standing there.

"What happened to you Rai?" He asked, looking really confused.

I just walked past him and went up to my room. I was lying on my bed crying in to the pillow. I heard Ellington talking to all of them, but it was muffled so I don't actually know what they were talking about but I had a good idea.

"Rai dinner!!!" Riker yelled.

"I'm not that hungry, I'll just skip." I lied again.

"Nope come on Rai you have to eat." Riker said walking into my room, seeing my tear stained face.

"Oh Rai, I'm so sorry for what happened to you at school. I would've picked you up but I was busy. I'm so sorry." he said picking me up.
Even though he had a sincere face I still didn't believe him. But I didn't have that much energy to put up a fight. We went downstairs and everyone finally started eating.

"So guys we have some good news. We are going on tour!!!!" Dad said.

The kitchen just got really loud with everyone cheering. I was happy, I loved touring. But I just didn't feel good.

"When are you leaving?" Asked Ry.

"We are leaving next Thursday. You guys are going to do some interview here and there and then a bunch of concerts in the U.S, and a couple photo shoots and then we're going on to Europe." Dad said.

Everybody cheered again.

"How do you feel about this Rai?" Mom

I shrugged my shoulders, not really caring what was going on. As long as I was getting away from school.

"Why aren't you eating?" Rydel said.

I didn't feel so good and then a wave of nausea washed over me. I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up.  I felt my hair get pulled back and I kept throwing up. I threw up until I couldn't even breath. I sat down by the bathtub, trying to catch my breath again.

"Are you okay now?" Mom asked.

I nodded and she helped me up to my room. I sat down and we talked for awhile about everything that has been happening. I told her everything from me being bullied and the hate. She just hugged me and rubbed my back. I calmed down and fell asleep.

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