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"Well, you certainly are an unpleasant surprise but your parents can't really have named you that, could they?" He had a deep voice. "And you're calling me Leo, why?"

I twisted my head around, able to pick apart his features and realised how different he looked. Those startling icy blue eyes were set deep in his face, he had a slimmer nose, slightly fuller lips and facial hair - something Leo never had. "I think I've made a mistake."

"Certainly. I know you saw me kill a man yet you stupidly chased after me. What is this, have a go being a hero day? You're covered in blood, I'm guessing I'm not the first you've chased after today."

"It's a new style," I defended. "Hey, you mind getting those claws away from me?"

"Sure, first answer my question: how do you know Leo?"

"He's a ...friend of a friend."

He smiled broadly and his eyes danced darkly, amusement was splattered across his face. "Right, then I'm guessing you won't mind taking me to him? It's been a long time since I last had a talk with my dearest brother."



"You'll have to excuse me, I'm not a big fan of repeating myself."


"I'm not surprised you haven't heard of me. I'm the outcast, the one everyone loathes, the handsome brother, the one everyone is jealous of."

"Way to boost your own ego," I said, stepping away from him. I glanced around us, silently cursing. Tiddles had vanished.

"When your own mother despises your existence you tend to go somewhere else for confidence."

"Uh, OK. What did you do?"

"Why would you assume I've done anything? Can I not be innocent and still hated?"

"As pretty as you are, no one would choose that as a reason to hate you. I'm guessing you're a psychopath and a manipulative bastard...maybe a murderer? Just a guess, let me know if I'm wrong."

"Your words hurt me greatly. Please stop before I burst into tears."

"And you're as sarcastic as Leo," I said. "Can you just tell me what you've done to make people hate you? So far, I'm really loving you, I can't imagine why anyone would hate you, oh no, you're just an innocent daffodil."

"I accidentally killed my father."

"Oh. I accidentally killed a priest."

"I'm beginning to like you,"

"And a warrior."

"Oh. Perhaps not. You have a death wish. I'm contemplating walking away from you," he rubbed his lips together and hummed softly. "You're kind of cute and you have a deranged look in your eyes. Something tells me you're going to be a lot of fun."

"Great, I'm Bea," I stuck my hand out, grinning. I now had a new buddy since Tiddles has abandoned me. "By the way, Leo's dead."

"Hans, great to meet you."

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